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  1. That is the accessory post that came on some, but not all cars. They are super hard to find, but I have seen them on west coast cougar's website. I believe it is meant to be 12v switched power. Once it is installed the fuse running across the middle of the box is needed to supply fused power to the accessory post.
  2. mikes carb is wehre I bought my rebuild kit. it came with great information. maybe give him a call. https://www.carburetor-parts.com/Motorcraft-2100-Technical_ep_422.html Good Luck!
  3. Looks like its gonna be a fun project! ::welcome:: from San Diego!
  4. Very nice, I am just starting my trunk. It will look similar to chris's trunk but with two 12' kicker subs and an amp in the mix.
  5. looks great, I like your wheels a lot!
  6. Your prep work looks to be impeccable! I will pay off in the final paint for sure! What direction are you planning on going with the car?
  7. I wish I had the time to get up there and help out. Been trying to work on small projects and finally got mine back up and running after my little fuel system redo. I too am guilty of no picture updates. P.S. I envy your hood...
  8. I ended up replacing my upper and lower control arms and front strut bars along with the coil saddles and shocks. I went with rubber bushings for the fact that I didnt want my front end to feel really stiff like a track car. I also replaced my steering box, rag joint, and all front steering linkage. I want to say that I bought all the parts from CJ's Laurel Mountain and a couple of parts from Oreilly Auto Parts for about $500 all in. Swapped out all the parts and got it aligned and bam, it feels like a brand new car now. I have replaced my rear shocks and the rear shackles on my leaf springs, but not the springs themselves. They are sagging quite a bit and will get replaced, but for now are doing an ok job and my ride height is perfectly level all the way around.
  9. wow, that is one hell of a deal! perfect project for a coyote motor!
  10. This thread made me realize I have no pictures of my guns, but here is a list of them. Glock 22 Gen 3 .40 caliber Marlin Model 60 .22 caliber rifle (my very first gun from when I was a kid) Mossberg 500 with breacher flash muzzle and 6 position collapsable stock and pistol grip, waiting for 12 round magazine conversion Currently building an AR-10, custom milled lower receiver and still deciding what to do with the rest of it (basically a paper weight right now) On the hunt for a decent priced 1911 to open carry while hiking with the family and for a sidearm while hunting Also looking for a nice concealed carry pistol like a Glock 19 or something similar in size
  11. I have gone back and forth on this as well. I have done tons of research and looked at all the alternative brands and even adding microspheres to latex paint to make my own lizard skin type of product. I know by my research that both of the products you are looking at perform very well. I think I have decided to lay down a stick on insulation to avoid the mess of spraying lizard skin. However, if you have the time, space and patience... maybe the lizard skin is the best way to go to be able to get all the little crevices and such. I have read that the prep work is pretty easy, just scuff up the existing coatings, repair rust and inhibit it, and tape off wear you don't want it sprayed. So I think this one is purely a preference, as they both work very well. I recommend doing the ceiling and the entire trunk area as well, then maybe hit the inside of the door skin with Dynamat as it would be fairly hard to hit it with an even coat of any spray on material. Hope this helps at all. Here is what I am going to use for cost versus Dynamat. http://www.amazon.com/Noico-Self-adhesive-Deadening-Automotive-Insulation/dp/B00URUIKAK/ref=pd_sim_263_2?ie=UTF8&dpID=61DhrAYhMLL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=08MQADBZWFBY67CTVBMJ
  12. Wow, that thing is so nice. Great job on the hood!
  13. I vote 351C with the T5 behind it. Sorry no info on parts.
  14. My first car was my 1971 Mustang Grande that I still own today and am in the middle of resurrecting. It was given to me by my stepdad as a peace offering (he was kind of a dick back then). It was viper blue with the original vinyl top and deluxe interior, the prior owner must have been from the hood because the car had purple tint on the windows and when you looked in the rear view mirror you could see the remains of "lil joe's blue ride" sun faded into the rear tint. The interior had blinking lights that always drained the battery so my stepdad decided to cut them out and severed the ignition power line and had no clue how to fix it. This is how I learned to read a schematic and proceeded to fix it myself. It was an ugly fix, but it worked! The car had been wrecked by my stepdad and was missing the majority of the passenger side quarter panel, which meant I couldn't have anything in the trunk because it would fall out if I turned a corner! It had a ton of work to do to it, the engine ran like shit due to improper maintenance and it broke down on me almost every single day. After I joined the military I decided to fix it up, then I got stationed in Japan and it went into storage where it deteriorated (there went $8k)! I bought an 06 GT and the 71 sat in my dad's driveway and just began to further become a mess from neglect. Finally got it back in my possession in 2011 and got it running really well, well enough to where it was my daily driver again for almost two full years. For the last year and a half I have been tearing it apart and fixing all of the little things that needed reworked and now it is almost done (minus paint and body work and new interior). The picture you see in my signature is what it looked like in 2003 before going to japan for three years and it sitting in storage then in my dad's driveway until 2011.
  15. Got a cheap dent repair guy to do it for $85! So happy I don't have to pay the rental car place my deductible!
  16. It's all good, I wouldn't be so adamant if some a-hole didn't ding the crap out of our rental car's door! Thanks man!
  17. Hey guys gonna be in SLC until next Wednesday with my family. Would like to meet up with anyone in the area and check out your Mustangs! Also, I need a huge favor... Someone put a nice size dent in the side of our rental car! Luckily it's on the door skin and I know I can rub it out instead of paying the rental company to fix it, they collect 500$ minimum!!! So anyone got tools that I can bring the car over and hang out talk cars and fix this dent! Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  18. I want those tower braces, anyone know where I can get them???
  19. I replaced all of my front suspension, then about a year later replaced all of my steering. I recommend doing it all once if at all possible. Scott gives great advice, and watching a video is way easier than trying to understand what someone is trying to explain in text. Lastly, while you have everything off, check out your brakes to include the brake line going to your front calipers/drums. In a car this old, it wouldt be a bad idea to replace them and rebuild whatever brake setup you have on your car. This way you have a nice tight, brand new front end when you are finished, it makes a world of a difference!
  20. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA! I am moving to Everett next fall and have a 1971 coupe.
  21. Don't drive it far without getting an alignment, tires can rub raw very quickly in some cases. Don't forget to grease up and remember to hit all of your zirc fittings. I did mine one side at a time, front first then back, or you could do vice versa (only I would do the back all at once, easier with a jack under the pumpkin). When you have your front upper and lower arms off, degrease the area and scrape away all the old debris, then spray a nice coat of SEM undercoating in black, it will look great!
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