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  1. With regards to the hood, I like the edges that you have already. I think that making new fender extensions and welding them on rather than having a removable piece is in order here. This way you can make the front leading edge the same shape as the hood piece. I like where this is going and am excited to kinda be a part of the build since I can't do any of this to my car!
  2. CJ Pony Parts has the Floor and Roof Panel, they are Dynacorn (so break out the savings account)! Floor: http://www.cjponyparts.com/dynacorn-full-floor-pan-one-piece-coupe-fastback-1971-1973/p/3648NC/ Roof: http://www.cjponyparts.com/dynacorn-roof-panel-fastback-1971-1973/p/3643XL/
  3. I"d give them $250 for it and restomod it to a nasty nasty fastback with a supercharged coyote motor! :)
  4. ::welcome:: from San Diego! That is gonna be one hot car when you are done, I look forward to seeing the progress on it!
  5. Another ::welcome:: from San Diego! That is gonna be a sweet car, just be careful parking it next to the Vette after restoration, the vet might get jealous :)!
  6. I think that iff he chopped some lens off the taillights down the middle horizontally and then glued them back together to fit the height of the tail light panel, and then fitted the fenders to the curvature of the headlights and front facia, that it would look a little better. The interior should be all black in my opinion, maybe with red stitching in the seats, but not entire dash panels...
  7. I saw a build thread on this somewhere, or maybe it was for sale a while back before it was completed. They did a horrible job fitting the new "custom" pieces on that car. The paint job reminds me of the original 10950's batmobile. I like the direction they were going, but terrible execution...sorry.
  8. LOL, that is one super custom Boss 302 if I ever saw one. Could you imagine if they did a bare bones Boss 302 coupe with performance suspension and a four speed!!! Think Cobra R bare bones idea here! I could be onto something... :)
  9. I did a full reworking of my gauge cluster. Meaning that I took the entire thing apart, cleaned and repainted and removed some unnecessary pieces and installed LEDs. Before I put It all back together with the new circuit board, I plugged in the circuit board and the bulb pods with LEDs installed and tested without the gauges in. This allowed me to remove and reverse the polarity if needed and gave me the opportunity to ensure that they all worked. The I just marked with a silver sharpy which way they go. Now they look and work awesome!
  10. I have done all the research to do this same thing. I chose to go with VDO Electronic Cockpit series gauges. I just haven't bought them yet.
  11. Congrats Ray, your project is one of a kind and you deserve it!
  12. Nice on the refurb option as well as replacement options!! I must admit, I have been struggling to finish some work on the Torino before jumping back into the electrical on the Mustang. Speaking of....here's a quick pic of the Torino. Alex Athens, AL I really like this year Torino!
  13. ::welcome:: from San Diego, CA. Are the pictures you posted just after a simple wash and cleaning of the car? If so, wow!
  14. I thought that looked like a chopped up new age Challenger grille... Either way it is looking good man!!!
  15. When I was driving mine (302 with a C4 and 3.00 rear end), I was able to get almost 17 MPG if I drove her conservatively. That was all highway mileage, as most of commuting here is on the highway. I was pretty pleased, if my calculations were correct that is... :)
  16. Another ::welcome:: from San Diego. Damn nice looking got car you got there! I know what you mean about the parts availability, I am 34 and have had this car for 18 years, back then about the only parts i could find new ere side marker lights and motor parts!
  17. Dang, now i wanna hear it. I officially have my final list made of things to do to get mine back on the road. Now I just need time...
  18. Nice work, I too would like to know which VDO gauges you went with. I have an empty triple gauge middle console and really like the look of the VDO Cockpit series. I had some issues though, basically deciding on whether or not to go with mechanical or electronic gauges. So what did you throw in there?
  19. Excellent modification! It really does look like it should be there from the factory! Great work!
  20. I would have to agree that originality on this rare of a car would be more preferred, but in the end I think that it is what makes you happy that matters. That paint does sound like it would look great on the car though! Cant wait to see what you find.
  21. I am a fan of the stripes, different... but in a good way!
  22. Looks pretty damn good Jim, can't wait to see it all painted in a couple of months! How does she sound? Are you glad you went ahead and went with the H-pipe now instead of later?
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