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  1. I'm trying to finish the restoration on my 73 coupe. I'm missing the shift linkage that connects the shift lever to the transmission lever. The car has a 302 engine with the C4 automatic transmission. Does anybody have a picture of what this looks like? Preferably an installed picture would be very helpful.
  2. I know what your saying, normally that's an issue. I have everything inside in a spare room off the garage that is climate controlled and away from possible damage. Here are some of the parts waiting for install.
  3. Thanks for all the input, some food for thought right now. When I consider all the money I've spent on parts and now have everything pretty much ready to go the hard part is being physically able to complete it. I've contemplated having it completed and running through a shop but the added expense only added to the amount of loss when sold. I always knew they weren't that valuable so my being able to do most of the work made it feasible. With the car purchase and all the new parts I've invested about $6 grand. I guess we didn't get into this hobby to get rich!
  4. I have a 73 coupe that I bought a few years ago. Slowly been rebuilding it but I'm at a point where I can't spend the time I need to to finish it. The car is solid with no rust, only 57k on the clock. I have a complete new interior ready to install, front drum brake to be replaced with new disc brake conversion, new power booster, all new lines etc. New complete fuel system minus the gas cap. Rebuilt 302 with 0 miles ready for install. New Cooper Cobra tires with new American racing wheels. Just wondering what I could possibly get for this, more info to follow when I can get home.
  5. I'm repainting the doors and jambs on my 73 and in the process the blue label with all the vehicle information got ruined. I just happened to have a photo of it but there are no dimensions with it. I'm going to have it replicated but I need the dimensions. Can someone measure their blue label, drivers door and let me know what size to make it? Thanks you.
  6. I've been slowly restoring this car and finally started working on the interior. The original headliner is separating where the seams are, looks like the thread just deteriorated. The easy fix would be a one piece headliner but I can't find a supplier for a regular coupe. The original style headliner is relatively inexpensive but installation requires removing front and rear windshields. The one piece is much easier to install but more costly. Does anyone know where you can buy an ABS one piece headliner for 70-73 coupes? I called TMI and their product is fastback only. I would think the difference would be minimal so why not have another product out there, I'm sure demand would be there.
  7. Here's some pictures which might help. dice roller free
  8. I've been slowly making progress trying to get this car back together, going through the box of parts I've come across another one that I can't locate. Can someone tell me where this goes? It's my first vintage Mustang so please be kind! I'm also including some pics of my progress s far. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks for all the replies and reading suggestions! Interesting to see how it works. I'll wait to finish this work, as it is now the stud doesn't even poke through the cap. Hopefully this summer the new engine goes in.
  10. Purchased new front KYB 4504 shocks and after trying to install them they seem too short. I still don't have the engine in the car and its on my lift now. The stud barely reaches the shock tower cap. If I jack it up under the ball joint will it come up enough to install the rubber and hardware? Its about 1 1/2" too short.
  11. I bought some new end links and bushings for the stabilizer bar. The old bushings were a softer rubber and stretched over the large end of the bar. The new ones are a solid hard rubber with no give at all. Is there a secret to getting these on or do they need to be cut and slipped over the bar? I've watched some youtube videos and they are all cut and easy to install. Grease doesn't help either. Thanks.
  12. I purchased a 73 with Medium Yellow as the original color. I like yellow cars so I decided to keep it yellow, just not the same medium yellow as it looked like too light. More like a yellow wanna be so the new color is like the Grabber Yellow.
  13. Very good information, thank you. Funny how much there is to learn on this journey!
  14. I did but by the time I got around to reading and installing the damper in the new engine, the old one was long gone. Since it came with the new damper I never thought of removing the old one (and spacer) before turning in the core. I did check out some vendors to see if this was a common item and I found several different width crankshaft pulley spacers available. They have all different offsets to I just need to figure that out. This was in the one for 1" offset. "Replace the old or damaged crank pulley spacer on your 289, 302 or 351W engine with this high-quality 1" 4-Bolt Crank Pulley Spacer 1433 from March Performance!"
  15. Sorry for he double photos and missing pic. Ran out of time and couldn't correct it or he orientation. The crank pulley has 3 channels on it. Hopefully his pic will come in. number generator app
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