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  1. I have seen these reinforcement pans listed for convertibles '65 to '69-70 ish but nothing for our years. Does anyone know what the difference is? In photos they look the same. Mine is completely rusted away on the rocker panel side and I need a fix.
  2. For those of you that have done this repair before. Since there are no aftermarket parts available, what Front Torque Boxes should I order to modify to fit in our cars? 1970 is the closest year model I can find.
  3. Hello from Louisiana! Always nice to see another convertible!
  4. Hello, You have had a bunch of Mustangs. I'm with you. I have learned alot from this forum and learn more every day.
  5. Froggy

    New guy

    Hello from Louisiana. We like Cougars too!
  6. Hello from Louisiana. Always glad to see more convertibles! Nice Car.
  7. I had similar problems in the beginning. Switched to Edelbrock Performer Intake, Edelbrock Carb and Pertronix and it made a world of difference. Now if I could just get it to look as good as it runs...
  8. Mine is the same. Not quite level, and left to right is off a good bit as shown in photo. I thought it was bad repair work but the more I look at it the more it looks like it was made that way. Longer on the passenger side.
  9. I am about to start working on the cowl area of my 72 convertible. It is a factory A/C car and I plan on keeping it that way. However, the cowl area is gone and I would like to replace it as a unit (top and bottom). Apparently there is no direct replacement made so modifying a non-A/C cowl is the direction I am looking at going. Question is: Besides removing and blocking off the DS air top hat, is there any other modification that needs to be done to make the new cowl work for an A/C car?
  10. I ordered Global West 911C subframe connectors for my vert. They should arrive this week. They have a youtube video on the install on a 66 convertible, but it should be basically the same on ours. Looks fairly simple. Word of Warning: I ordered these on August 5 from CJs and they have been on backorder since. No calls or emails from CJs telling me so. I had to email a "where's my sh**?" nastygram. Their customer service had no idea when they could get them to me and suggested I order elsewhere. So I cancelled and called Global West directly. Spoke to a very nice lady who said they could ship that day. And they did. Tracking shows they will arrive tomorrow.
  11. Hello from Louisiana. Great story! Clean it up... get it running like you want it and drive! Enjoy.
  12. Hello from Louisiana. Always glad to see another convertible!
  13. Hello from Louisiana. Great car!
  14. Hello from Louisiana! Nice Car!
  15. Great work! Hopefully mine will turn out as well as yours.
  16. Tore down the front end and measured everything so I can put it back together correctly after I fix those rusted aprons.
  17. Guys, thanks for the responses! I am sorry I did not answer sooner but I did not get notified of your responses. I am not sure why. Jasbro316 let me know if you are interested in cutting that part out and selling it. CMM - Thanks for the photos! That is definitely what I need to do.
  18. Looking for a replacement for the panel between the trunk and the roof on 72 convertible. I believe it is listed as part #40310 in the assembly manual. I have found them for coupe but not for convertible. Does anyone know if a reproduction part for this body panel is made for convertibles? Mine is swiss cheese.
  19. Wow! Butch that's a great looking pony! Did it come with ram air or was it added? If added, how difficult was the change? Really looking at that option for mine.
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