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  1. No extra adhesive - the edge trim, the front and rear window trim and the dome light & seat belt anchors hold it. Just be careful as you have to drill the belt anchor holes.
  2. They've been posted for a while. Several watchers, but I don't see anyone willing to jump on them yet. Nice-looking wheels, and love that they are original stock, but I couldn't justify paying that price (regardless if they were incorrectly polished or not).
  3. Welcome from Ohio - Good looking car.
  4. Did a little research - According to Bilstein' website, these are nitrogen gas-charged shocks with a unique piston design to reduce potential foaming. Did not come with the strap. My 79 'vette Bilsteins are similar tech, just a little stiffer.
  5. I believe they are gas-charged, but I really don't know a lot about shock absorber technology. I do know that Bilsteins are top-notch - I run'em on my modified C3 (The very stiff Sport version not street), and lik'em even more on the mustang (although these are street version, so not apples-to-apples). So far, the street version is a really good match for stiffer-than-stock spring rates.
  6. Just following up to my own question - I took the plunge on Bilsteins for all four corners, and had some decent weather to try them out. With the stiffer springs, the Bilsteins provide a nice, firm ride. Not at all jarring and I really like the ride.
  7. When I first picked up my 79 corvette 12 years ago, I started looking for a small block to build a mild stroker (had a 383 in mind back then) - Anything better than the anemic low-compression 195 HP base motor it had from GM. I called a guy with several blocks and other parts to see what he had. This guy was adamant that the 79 corvette was a factory-produced 500 HP beast. No amount of discussion could convince him that the only C3 that legitimately had that kind of blasting powder under the hood out of the factory was an L88 (very rare & valuable if you can find one). BTW, max HP in
  8. Bentworker - Jscott and I have worked out a deal, but I still appreciate the reply. I suppose I should have posted that I have a line on one.
  9. Looking for the 2V or 4V heat shield with the tube that connects to the heat riser to the snorkel. I don't need the paper tube, just the metal heat shield that bolts over top of the exhaust manifold, and captures heated air. Trying to complete my intake system with heated air for warm-ups. PM if you have one you want to part with. Thanks, Jim
  10. My 71 Mach 1 was originally a 302/c4 car. Since I'm more inclined to want a "Day 2 , modified period correct" car vs a "factory correct" car, it now has a 351c/FMX powertrain. But if I ever got the proverbial wild hair up my behind, I would consider going back to the 302/C4 configuration - So, I'd like to know which vendors. I might want to avoid them - if they get this wrong, what else do they have wrong?
  11. Agree with Don - I have a 1 1/2 year old pump and a new close-ratio gearbox (installed about 60 days ago). No whine - and one of the best mods I've done, especially considering the overall effect and how easy it was to get done.
  12. I don't have a picture - just looking for wiring from the switch that is triggered when the glove box door opens to the light that illuminates the glove box interior. Not all cars had them, but thought I would ask if this car did. I may just need to fabricate something if I want to add the light - thanks for responding though.
  13. Do you have glove box light and switch wiring/electrical components?
  14. I'd do it again in a heartbeat
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