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  1. They look like old Flowmasters, but I am really not sure - they were on the car when I got it in October of 2018. If I end up finding a restriction, I will have to think about the FlowFX.
  2. If I get time today I will dig deeper into this suggestion. It might even be a chance to run through town with open headers......
  3. I'm running the Ram Air setup these cars came with (although mine is a reproduction). I checked for binding or loose parts, nothing was evident. Will keep looking.
  4. Geoff, it did run good before - It has to be something that I'm overlooking or missing. I was leaning heavily towards lack of fuel before I went all over the fuel delivery system. I may revisit the carb one more time just to be sure.
  5. Holley 4160 vac secondary with electric choke (the one with the single front inlet). Stock (for holley) jetting and Power Valve. Intake is the Edelbrock 2665, it does have an exhaust crossover, and i did not block it. Ports match up reasonably well with the TF heads. I did swap carbs with a newer 4160 and did a test run, no change. I've run into percolation issues on the vette, but never had that issue on the Mach - but haven't completely ruled the possibility out yet. On the vacuum advance, I tried both ways and my combination seems to like manifold. I think every setup responds differently. I was thinking I might dial the amount of advance back a bit - might as well add that to the list now.
  6. I actually have that heat shield, used it on the corvette. I may give it a shot, but to be honest I'm just not hopeful. The power loss is almost entirely predictable by RPM, and has only been an issue the last couple weeks. Plus I noticed this in the morning (maybe 68-70 degrees on a warmer day). I could be wrong, maybe my local gas station just pulled the rug out from under me in May and I am boiling my fuel. I may try a return line too (I had to go that route with the other car along with the heat shield).
  7. Mezell29 - I did swap coils, and always mount them with terminals horizontal. Coils match the ignition requirements for Pertronix. Also swapped fuel pumps and checked both tank and sender. all good there, did not change anything. I don't think it's bad gas, I drive this enough that it's always fresh. I fill up at least every other week, usually at the same place. I won't rule out the need for a heat shield, though, I did experience that on my vette, so will check that option.
  8. Automatic. I thought of that, and I did put in a rebuilt trans a bout 2 months ago. However, after talking to the rebuilder, he is sure that a trans issue would result in slipping (RPMs shoot up) ,not a loss in power/RPM drop. He's also a stand-up guy with a stellar local reputation, si I am confident he isn't trying to dodge a bullet. I won't yet say it can't be the FMX, but right now, I am doubting it. I can't find any examples of a transmission dragging RPM down at cruise, only slipping. Not sure how I can be 100% sure though.
  9. I'm trying this one again now that the dust seems to have settled with the forum upgrade. I'm fishing for ideas and feedback on the problem described below. About 2 weeks ago, I started noticing a drop in power cruising on the highway - it manifested as I slowly accelerated to pass traffic in a 4-lane highway. RPM dropped to around 2500, it felt almost like I was running out of gas, then recovered after a few seconds. It seems to be load related. I can manually drop into 2nd, push the car up to around 4000 RPM or better, and if I hold that a bit, the same thing occurs. I can run the car up to 3700-3900 RPM in park and it revs just fine. Take the car on the road accelerate to 3000-3200 in drive, and it wants to fall on its face. I have gone over the fuel delivery from end to end. I swapped carbs with a spare, replaced all the old rubber (most of it was not really old, but it was cheap), replaced the stock pump with a stock replacement (only $20 and was not sure hold the pump was anyway), checked the hard lines, replaced the filter, and pulled the sending unit (it was clean, the PO had replaced both tank and sender a few years ago). I tried a new coil, temporarily swapped in a replacement Pertronix module, and both checked/re-gapped my plugs to .035, then just for shits and giggles, replaced them (yes, checked the gap first). I made sure my timing did not change (I run around 14 degrees initial, all in @ 35/36 @ 2800). Vacuum adds about another 10-12 degrees,an have always run it off manifold vacuum. I pulled the valve covers and did find some evidence that some valves are rotating as if insufficient seat pressure. I changed springs to a little stiffer set, seat pressures is close to 125 installed. I road-tested after each change and found that nothing actually had any effect on the symptoms whatsoever. Last night I realized I had not looked at the radiator fluid, and found it was a little low -I am not sure it's related, but now wondering if I have a small head gasket leak. The car has not overheated. There is no evidence of any coolant leaks, and oil level is normal. No evidence of oil/coolant mixing anywhere. If it is a leak, it has to be coolant leaking into a cylinder and small so it doesn't effect performance at low RPM (below 2500). When putting a vac gauge on the motor, Idle vacuum holds steady at 16 Hg, which I think is to be expected with my cam profile, and I see no unusual behavior suggesting valve float when revving up to 3700 RPM, or evidence of worn rings or other head/valve wear. What I have not done: When cranking w/out the coil hooked up,the car sounds like cylinder compression is even, but I have not checked actual numbers. I am not sure that a small head gasket leak would show up in that kind of crude check anyway. I have not changed plug wires. Any additional forum thoughts on this? It's driving me nuts,and my wife really wants me to focus on finishing our deck vs messing with this an old car. I'm too OCD to let it go, so before I either pull the heads myself, or take this to a mechanic and let him deal with it, I'm looking for any ideas to help narrow my options down If this looks familiar, I started the same thread just before the forum upgrade,and my thread disappeared - right as I started troubleshooting, so that was frustrating in and of itself.
  10. Are you talking about a heater-only car? I don't know about one with factory AC, but I'm sure the heater-only cars had the blower motor mounted to the box. I assumed (perhaps wrongly?) you were adding air to a non-AC car.
  11. If I recall correctly, the blower motor is mounted on the heater box assembly, so it comes out anyway. Even if it were mounted independently, I can't see a need to keep it.
  12. I'm more concerned with missing posts (not just mine, although I was using to to inform my current troubleshooting efforts). It appears that lots of useful information is currently not accessible.
  13. Is the transition complete? I see none of my data in my profile except the text for my signature (no history, awards, rep, etc). A thread I started yesterday to help me troubleshoot a problem has none of the replies including my initial post. Wondering if this is lost or will show up later.
  14. 71coop


    Welcome from Ohio - Looks like a good place to start. I hope you enjoy!
  15. My dad had one of those. His was baby-shit green, but I drove the heck out of that truck in High School (back in 84-85). It took some abuse and just kept on going. Kinda miss it.
  16. I hear a lot of horror stories around CJPP - i have only had an issue maybe once in the last year and a half, and up till a couple months ago, was a pretty regular visitor to their website. What am I doing wrong?
  17. In my previous house/garage, I could not raise my car all the way - I could get the vette maybe 5 feet off the ground maximum. The lift was still a worthwhile investment and I used a small chair with rollers to sit in while working underneath. it was actually a pretty convenient and comfortable way to work.
  18. No you're probably not going to change my opinion, nor am I trying to change yours. I asked a question about why you stated it was "impossible" to remove the exhaust on a 4 post when I have done it several times with ease. If the two post works best for you great. The 4 post set up I have works best for me. I agree - I don't get the statement that four post lifts are only good for oil changes... I've had 2 four-post lifts between my last two houses, and like 73Pony, I use the jack trays and jack trolley. I have used them to do engine work, suspension changes/upgrades, steering upgrades, transmission swaps, exhaust work and brake changes/upgrades on both my 71 Mustang and 79 Corvette, plus an engine swap on a 2002 Acura. never had an issue with working around the 4 posts, especially with the trays. Oh yeah, I also do oil changes too. Including my wife's Accord Hybrid and my crew-cab Silverado. But to say that's all a four post is good for is just plain silly. Here is my Mustang right after purchase - went straight to my "useless" four post lift... And this statement - "I know if you open the doors when on lift you will not shut and that is a pretty much rust free California car. " Also not true for a solid car from my experience. I had the Mustang in a trans shop recently to deal with a leak I couldn't find - the owner put her on a 2-post lift. He was starting to raise it when I realized I needed to get something out of my glove box, and I was able to easily open/close the door while up in the air about 2-3 feet.
  19. Welcome from Ohio - Good lookin car, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
  20. Let me add another Welcome from Ohio - Looks like a good foundation for a restoration. I am glad to hear you plan to drive it. There aren't many of the big-body mustangs out there, and these are my favorites. Once you get it on the road,you will be amazed at how people respond to seeing these cars on the road. You will enjoy driving it and seeing the reactions people have to these cars.
  21. Absolutely agree. I also have a TKO 600 behind a 427 Dart-based stroker in my 79 corvette. Running 3.75 rear gears and it's a blast to drive, on the open highway or back roads alike. My stable:
  22. One more welcome from Ohio - Pictures!
  23. Welcome from the Buckeye State - If I ever repaint, I would really look hard at a color like yours - Looks really good, and I like it with the black stripes.
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