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  1. For you guys that know, are the spindles themselves the same for 6 cylinder and 8 in this era? How about the power steering boxes?
  2. Here’s what was done to this car. Makes me mad, but glad it came to us. She will live again! good baby names for twins
  3. Jason- will do. Doors look nice and the LF fender. Once the job is done I will be trying to sell parts or maybe the whole carcass. Probably next summer.
  4. Update: donor car found and brought home. Has most everything we need. Long day and night but worth it! Tear down begins this week.
  5. Latest on this car – after much consideration, the customer has officially decided to go ahead and have me fix the car. First order of business is to find a parts car! I have talked to a few people but ideally I am looking for something that is a V-8 automatic car with power steering and brakes, mostly complete under the hood. Engine does not have to run. Body can be completely shot with parts missing, don’t need any of that. I talked to a couple people but have not yet made a deal. Would love to find a car that I could pick up this weekend. Cash in hand! Within a days drive of Central New
  6. I’m only an hour from the Canadian border so that’s not a problem. The problem is, importing a car from Canada. Way too much hassle.
  7. Thank you Ron but nothing to have a breakdown about. This is the kind of thing we do. Even here in Central New York there is a never ending supply of aborted or problematic restorations, all brands, and all value levels. Of course, there is not a never ending supply of money to make them right. It’s hard for me to accept that I can’t save them all. But when I get the chance, I go all out to do so. Note to David and others- what I am looking for in a parts car, ideally, would be something fairly complete under the hood, with power steering and power disc brakes. The engine and transmiss
  8. Thanks. Let me see what I can come up with closer to me.
  9. Looking for a donor or front crossmember, staring, harnesses, and various under hood hardware. No body panels needed. Prefer something in NE US.
  10. UPDATE Since receiving the car I have done a bunch of research and developed a few options. Tonight was the meeting with the customer to discuss the course of action. The decision has been made to go back to the stock engine and suspension. They still have the original engine and trans. They will be freshened and detailed and reinstalled with aftermarket FI and electronic ignition. We will be adding A/C and disc brakes. I was shocked to find out that the other guy had it for EIGHT YEARS. In the end the way he treated her, she was expecting to hear that her was no hope. When I told
  11. That’s a thought, Jeff. It would depend on track with and ride height, and what it would take to make those things work. It’s another thing worth looking into. Of course, it all gets back to the owner and how she really feels about the car at this point, and what she’s willing to spend. The Morrison stuff has the flexibility to let the car be anything she could ever want – sports car, race car, stock appearing, luxury cruiser. And all the changes can be easily made. My electrical/computer specialist Dennis is evaluating all that. In the next week or two, it will be time to find ou
  12. I can think of several choice words for this clown, but then I'd get kicked off the site!! Best let the pictures speak for them selves. Can't remember when it was, but there is a "kit" available for the converting 71-73's to rack & pinion and was featured in MM. It does require cutting half the cross member out though as I recall. If this guy had at least done that, it would be better. I have to wonder if this car is even worth fixing after seeing those pics. The guy can't even lay a good weld down by the looks of it. The thing is, he did all new floors, rockers, trunks floor, q
  13. That’s good to know. I wouldn’t have thought of Ford actually having something, I would have pictured the aftermarket but didn’t know where to start. As for the front, there’s a couple different ways we can go. We are able to fab something, but I talked to Steve at Art Morrison‘s and they have a clip we could buy for it, already designed. Either way, the challenge will be selling the customer. We will see how she feels about 10 grand to do it right, on top of the wiring and finishing the trim.
  14. Thought I would add some more pictures taken last night. Not the greatest, but you can see the type of mess we’re working with.
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