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    1972 Mustang Fastback Mach 1, 351C, 2V


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  1. A simple hello to the group. I just picked up a 72 Fastback Mach 1, 351C, 2V, Automatic. Drove 700 miles in one day round trip to pick it up. I have been looking for an older Mustang to restore with my 15 year old son. I have had a lot of Mustangs growing up because my family owned a Ford Dealership for 80 years in a small town. It came to me and I told my father to sell it. I went to college to be an engineer instead. So glad I did because it was too small of a dealership to survive in this day and age. So I had a 66 Mustang coupe V6 in High school, a 83 Mustang GLX Conv, V6 in college, a 88
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