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  1. Rocketfoot, I have a questions about the site login timeout. What is the timeout for inactivity on the site? If you are logged in and walk away for a while how long before you get logged off? Also, Several times I have been logged in reading posts and then tried to do something and get a message that I have to be logged in -I thought I was but it appears that reading posts is not enough activity on the site to keep you logged in?? Thanks!
  2. +1 I just read through this build thread, what an incredible job of fabrication! It would be great to see where this is at now.
  3. This has been an interesting build to follow, good to hear that you are still alive and making (slow) progress! Yes, the world is a different place then it was at the start of the year...I feel very fortunate to be able to keep working on my project. Even with limited funds I have kept working on the bits and pieces that just take time and don't require any cash to keep it moving so that I can get the car together and do that first start on rebuild engine.....
  4. Hello all, I have a few questions on the distributor in a stock 73 with 302. 1. Is there a way to find out the correct part number for what the car would have come with? It currently has an autolite 12127. For a 73 shouldn't this be a Motocraft part? (PO may have swapped out?) 2. How much up/down play is normal on the distributor shaft? 3. How much movement is normal on the plate that the points are mounted to? (mine seems to move a lot but don't know if that is normal) For now I am running the stock ignition system to get the engine running and broke in and later will
  5. Yeah, sounds like a possible option, and cheap too! As a follow up -The chair felt pad oil test worked pretty well so going to give it a try. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the suggustions, I found something that may work at least for now. I was looking around at household stuff for something and came across chair felt, used for the bottom of chair legs so they don't scratch wood or tile floor. It may not be they same type of felt used originally but apprears similar. I'm doing an oil saturation test on a piece of it to see if it wicks the oil. Might be an option...
  7. Thanks for replies! This looks like the piece, but $9.00 for a tiny piece of felt...I may keep looking for something similar, if not may have to pay up.
  8. Hello all, I have found that the distributor in our car is missing the small oil wick (or felt as some call it). Does anyone know where you can get them or a place to get a small piece to make our own? I have done a lot of searching but unable to find anything except a bulk seller ( I don't need 10 feet of the stuff...) I get a blank stare when asking at the local parts places... Thanks for any input.
  9. Correct, you shouldn't need any adhesive on the carpet. Press it down as much as you can to the contour of the floor and as you said the seat track and side trim hold it in place.
  10. I don't have a lot of experience like some of the other members so would defer to them but I can offer my thoughts as to what is shown in the picture you posted. The "mats" that you refer to look very similar to what I recently purchased along with new replacement carpet for our 73 vert after removing the original carpets and padding. The company I bought it from referred to it as "Heat Barrier and Sound deaderner made from EVA". Based on the picture it looks like someone has replaced the original carpet padding with this newer type of underlayment. Unless you hear otherwise for something bet
  11. Congrats to you and the other site admins for 10 years!! Great job! Thanks for a great site that we can all share and enjoy our common interest in these cars.
  12. I haven't looked recently but have seen horns posted on Motor City Mustangs' site, also, Don @OMS may have them too (both forum site sponsors 🙂
  13. I got mine! However, in a rare case of - bigger is better...I was actually expecting the decal to be smaller (similar to the MCA decals I have seen). These are really nice, but I'm trying to decide where would be good placement on a vert. Originally I was going to put it on the drivers side top of windsheild but because it is larger may put it on the rear quarter window. Will be interesting to see where others put theirs 🙂
  14. Just an observation: Prior to the forum change I had a bookmark set to the site. After the update to the forum my bookmark stoppped working, just brought up a blank page. I was able to manually go out to the site and set a new bookmark. May not be a wide spread issue but made me wonder if other people may encouter the same issue and think that the site is down and not know how to fix their link.
  15. I appriceate the hard work and understand what you said about having to upgrade to keep the site working but it's going to take this old dog some time to get use to navigating the new site!

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