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  1. Good to know, Thanks for posting this info as I too may have to replace mine (April build).
  2. Ah, Okay, Thanks for clarifying! Did 73 have the parking Brake on indicator option or was that 71/72 specific?
  3. On a related question, would that wire control the Brake light indicator on a 73 that has the light in the cluster? or is that controlled by a different wire?
  4. Yeah, I'm trying not to think about that too much yet....hoping that this is the worst of it and rest will go right!
  5. Update….. So, I was literally on the last step of my overly detailed 30+ item check list when my goal of engine first start came to a halt. The last item on the list was to fill the radiator with distiller water. I was into the second gallon of water when I heard the unsettling gush of water running out of somewhere under the car and saw the growing puddle of water forming. My first check was to the radiator itself and hoses, both dry. A quick ear check to try and pinpoint the location of the small gusher lead to the rear drivers side of the engine. –What?? There shouldn't be anything making THAT sound in that location….Luckily my son was helping me with the first start task since we have been working on it on/off together from the beginning. I elected to send him under the car to investigate (age has its privileges). His report back was “there’s a hole in the side of the block that water is running out of” After some further clarification and a trip under the car myself the obstacle that was going to prevent us from doing our first a start was a missing block drain plug. But, not just one. Upon further investigation the passenger side plug was also missing. It appears the engine rebuilder forgot to reinstall then. And, after several year of it sitting waiting to be installed and started I didn't check….What I was hoping would be just a quick trip to the auto parts store for drain plugs got a little more complicated by finding that the passenger side drain plug threads are stripped. So we pushed the car back in the garage and will have to do some drilling and tapping before we get to see if the engine will live….My back is not happy so will have to see how quickly that gets done. I wonder if my son is busy next week…. Hopefully better news on the next update.
  6. It may be because I'm not very creative but I too just call ours "The Mustang"..... seems to fit it well.... I have had three of them over the years and they all had the same name: "The Mustang" !
  7. Great, Thanks for the pic! (worth a thousand words....!) I will check this on mine to confirm.
  8. Somehow I missed the last shirt sale so I would be interested too if you do it again. I can appriciate the amount of work that goes into doing it!
  9. Me too.... I sent a message to Barry yesterday as I thought it was only happening to me since nobody else had reported it, sent August 31, 2021: Hi, I encountered a strange issue today when I tried to login and just wanted to check if it was just something on my end or with my browser. I have been logging in for the past few years using my screen ID and password. Today when I went to login the Login box itself is different, it used to have the normal login options and a place to use a Facebook login if you wanted. Today there is only one area to login and it now says to enter an email address as the login. I have never used an email address to login since I joined the site so thought this was really odd. I tried using my email address and it did let me login but I couldn't reply to posts or sent messages. I logged out and tried from another computer I have and the login box was different on that computer also. I'm using Firefox on both computers. Later in the day I tried to login again (with email address) I got in and that time I was able to reply to posting. I didn't see any other reports of problems from members logging in so I have to assume its not an issue others are having but seems odd that it would happening on my end. Are you aware of any changes to the site that would cause Firefox issue? Thanks, Jim
  10. A follow up question(s), during break-in should the radiator cap be on tight or loose for monitor the coolant level? Would it be okay to use distilled water in the radiator during break-in? I have a repaired rad in the car (it was done by a reputable shop and pressure tested but still....) would hate to fill the rad with $$ antifreeze only to have it puke it all out on the ground if there was a problem...My thought was to run water during break-in, if no issue then drain it out and then put in antifreeze. Bad idea? good idea? Thanks!
  11. Tom, Yes having an engine start stand would be nice! It sounds like your startup went well. I keep going through the check list over and over....just the nerves I guess! Hope mine goes as well as yours did, I'm definitely ready to smile on this project
  12. Thanks! Good thought. The carb has been rebuilt but as you said it has been sitting a while so that is something I'll be checking.
  13. That's a good one, I was wondering about that also. It's running the stock carb (2100D) Is there a vent on it or another place that fuel could be added to the bowl? (I don't see one) or would I have to pull the top to put fuel in the bowl?
  14. Chuck, Good stuff, Thanks! I'm anxious but hopeful that it goes well. I have read that you should drop the oil right after the break-in is done, you mentioned driving it for 100-200 miles. Would that be with the break-in oil? or a change before driving?
  15. Don, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have connected a temp mechanical oil pressure gauge as you suggested and I got a priming tool to prime the oil pump. I have tested and got oil to the top end (all rockers showing oil). I'll check on getting a remoe starter button. I also plan to have a fan setup in front of the radiator. Good info, Thanks!
  16. Looking for some advice on first startup of a rebuilt engine. I’m to the point of getting ready to do the first start of the rebuilt engine for our Mustang (302). This is the first newly rebuilt engine cam break-in I have done. I have gone through a pre startup check list and I think I have everything setup, carb settings, basic timing and I have a temporary fuel system setup. In reading about the cam break-in process it seems to be a nerve racking process that even professional engine builders have referred to as “a crap shoot” on if the cam will live the first 20 minutes of break-in. I’m using Joe Gibbs break-in oil so should have the proper zinc needed for cam break-in. Any tips/advice that would help give me confidence in doing this procedure would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. The paint issue is such a bummer, I hope the guy is able to save it. Look forward to hearing how it goes!
  18. Welcome (back) from Washington state! Looks nice already, going to be a looker when it's done.
  19. I envy anyone that is able to attend HRPT! It’s on my “wish list” to do someday. I look forward to vicariously enjoying the adventure through posts and picture.
  20. I would defer to the knowledge of the others on this but I'm curious Mike King, what color is your painted dash? the steering wheel color? Is it blue or black?
  21. My '73 with Blue Glow and blue comfortweave interior has a matching blue carpet. I'm guessing even with the white interior it probably had blue carpet. In reproduction they call it 606 Medium blue. Someone else may know what they called it originally or what is correct for yours.
  22. Nice looking car for sure! Welcome from Washington state and a fellow '73 convert caretaker
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