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  1. Nice looking group of steeds!! I like the stance on yours.
  2. Really nice results! I have played with trying to make a template to do the same thing but with no luck yet....Great job!
  3. Welcome to the site and to another convertible owner. It's great that you have hung on to the car all that time. I will be following your proress on the AOD swap as I am interested in doing this to mine too.
  4. Does the car you are parting out have the rear quarter panel ashtray? Do you know if it is the same for a 73 mustang convert? I'm looking for one in GOOD condition. Thanks!
  5. Nice!! That's a long time to wait! Look forward to seeing the pictures and following the project.
  6. Sorry I missed your earlier post. I tried finding anything that references a part number for the bracket but didn't find it in the books I have, maybe someone with more in-depth parts catalogs would be able to find. You may want to check with Don @ OMS or MotorCity Mike to see if they have them from parts cars.
  7. Never too many pictures! the detail is great. Your doing an amazing job on this and the effort when done will show.
  8. Do you have the rear quarter panel ashtray with lid? Looking for one in good condition. Thanks!
  9. Congrats on the move. Hope you are able to find a place that will work for both you and the business. I have relatives in the area, great place to visit 9 months of the year, this year was a little too warm.....
  10. made me laugh out loud when I saw the pic -Anyone that has run an older car can appriciate that picture and the meaning of having extra oil on board
  11. Good luck on the restoration! ours started out pretty similar to what you have (not as much body work but the rest looks very familair!!) It's a process and at times it seems like it will never get done and will usually end up costing more then expected but when it starts to come together it is great feeling. Best advise, as most other on here have said is to bag and tag everything and take LOTS of pictures. For us, having the pictures to look back on has saved our bacon more times then I can count! And, this forum :)
  12. Thanks for additional details on the wires (clips are part of the harness), that helps! Was there anything holding the vacuum lines on the passenger side or did they just lay on the top of the intake? The passenger side valve cover had bracket also so was wondering what it was used for.
  13. Does anyone have a picture of what wires running through these holders? The main wire bundle for the coil, water sensor, oil sensor etc currently lays down between the edge of intake manifold and the vavle cover. Are they suppose to be attached to these holder? On the passenger side did the vacuum line get attached to them?? Thanks,
  14. Okay, I was reading posts on the site and then went back to read another one and got this error message. I'm researching if this is a Firefox setttings issue or something else on my computer but just wanted to pass along what I get.
  15. Thanks for reply! So I must be missing the clips that goes in the holes... I wonder if anyone has a picture that shows how it looked originally with the wires in it? I don't think I have ever seen them used so they must have been easily broken ??
  16. Can anyone tell me what the purpose/function of these brackets on the top corners of the stock valve cover is??
  17. Thanks Don. I will dig into it more and see if I can find out what's going on. I tested the advance with a vacuum gauge and it moves the plate and will hold vacuum.
  18. Good looking car! I'm following your other post on distributor rebuild kits as I'm interested in that option too.
  19. Okay, thanks for checking. It may be a browser setting causing it if others are not having the issue.
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