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  1. Solid 12V. And if I'll do your method connecting the purple to the solenoid instead of the ignition what's on the coil + now I have to do something with that ignition wire. This is the MSD relay manual: https://documents.holley.com/frm33565_ready_to_run_add.pdf I just chose the Pertronix relay because it's pre-wired. But pretty same wiring diagram.
  2. I forgot something. If I do how you hooked it up and connect the purple to the solenoid instead to the ignition, should I leave the ignition wire (what I supposed to hook to the purple originally) on the + side of the coil?
  3. Yes factory tach so it's likely won't work. I'm running MSD ready to run dist. and want to hook it up to the Pertronix relay.
  4. So just hook the Pertronix purple wire to the terminal "I". And what about the diode? The manual says "The isolation diode prevents current from the regulator flowing back to the ignition power relay when the key is turned of" The MSD relay for the same purpose not mentions any diode. If you follow my method, you're hooking it to the starter solenoid, not the voltage regulator. I have my MSD 6AL wired like this and it works perfectly. Got it, and it will probably work with the ready to run distributor too without the MSD ignition box.
  5. So just hook the Pertronix purple wire to the terminal "I". And what about the diode? The manual says "The isolation diode prevents current from the regulator flowing back to the ignition power relay when the key is turned of" The MSD relay for the same purpose not mentions any diode.
  6. I already checked but the black should be a wire for the wiper motor. Probably the previous owner made some modifications and installed that wire. It also has a Duraspark ignition box with a regular distributor what I eliminated when I installed the ready to run dist.
  7. Hey, I'm about to bypass the resistor wire for the electronic distributor. I bought a Pertronix power relay kit and I'm trying the follow the instructions (https://static.speedwaymotors.com/pdf/4472001.pdf) but when I'm about to wire the isolation diode It says to split the wire from the ignition to the regulator terminal 'I'. It would be simple if I'd have wire at the terminal 'I' but I have nothing. I have a disconnected black wire at the engine bay but I cannot figure out from where. (I don't know if this wire has any purpose because the car starts and drive excellent with a jumper from the battery to the coil...) What color the wire supposed to be from the ignition to term. 'I'? I attached the photos of the voltage regulator and the wire what is not connected.
  8. Couple of stuff for sale. Came off my '72 Mach 1. Weber 8867 Carb. accel. pump needs to be checked. Grant Gt wheel (SOLD) Dash pad. Cracked but solid to put a cover on. 351C air cleaner (SOLD) Cleveland valve covers (SOLD) Holley Street Dominator for 351C (one corner is broken) Motorcraft 12127 Distributor, (SOLD) Distributor cap Breather cap, ignition coil, Mustang gas cap etc.
  9. My wiper stabilizer arm's pin is broken so I can't use the wipers. Is there any way to fix or replace the pin?
  10. Would 10" too small for the 351? Site site says at least 12/13 for good airflow. Or what size of spacer would be recommended to have a 14"?
  11. Are the bumper mounting brackets the same on a 71/72 for the urethane and the chrome bumper? If I want to replace to chrome do I need to buy these brackets? (https://www.cjponyparts.com/bumper-bracket-front-inner-driver-side-1971-1972/p/BB4IL/)
  12. I've already ordered a 600cfm Classic Holley with manual choke. I'm fine with manual and based on the reviews it's pretty reliable for street. The only thing is the non-adjustable floats. I'd only use the car for street/daily and the guys at Holley told that 600cfm is pretty much enough. I already have an MSD pro billet distributor, new wires etc and we'll install it on Monday so we can see how it'll perform.
  13. I just had a chance to check the carb. That's a Weber (what supposed to be an Edelbrock I guess) and 8867 stamped on it.
  14. Yes... they didn't fire the engine up just did the rebuild. My engine isn't stall while stopping but when I try to take off e.g. after a red light sometimes it stalls. But only when I forgot to pay attention and hit the gas a little harder. And I'm not talking about flooring it when I don't pay attention. But this is the 3rd day I'm driving it and I can handle it if I play with the gas and keep my eyes on it. But of course it's not normal and have to solve this issue. First replacing the carb and distributor, spark plug wires. Then see what happens.
  15. Fuel is fresh, we just filled it after the rebuild. Timing is ok. I don't know what happened the stock distributor. Probably it was the previous owner. But unfortunately I don't know him and the cars background because I bought it from a dealer. Since the carb is not original aftermarket (i don't know what it is) and has some issues I wouldn't mess with the rebuild. I'd buy a new one because I need to get it run right asap.
  16. I just got my rebuilt Mach 1 back with a 351c 2v. I don't know the condition of the car before the rebuilt because I bought it with a rod knock so I don't have any comparisons between the before and after condition so probably I have more issues than the engine what's already done. The engine have an electric distributor from a later Ford model...I don't know what it is..it was probably the previous owner....carb is the same, not the best, that's all I know, and the guy who checked the car after the rebuild said the fuel pump isn't too good. I have a manual choke. After i got the car back the engine stopped after the first red sign when i tried to move at the green light. Next morning is the same: I could start the engine after 2 or attempts playing with the choke then I stalled again leaving the neighborhood. I noticed two things: If I let the engine run a lil'bit before putting in gear it's better. If I hit the gas really gently it's fine but If I try to start and hit the gas even a little but harder the engine also stops. And sometimes while driving on low speed it feels like it's not getting enough gas... What I think and want to do is replacing the carb (or check it's accelerator pump?), upgrading the fuel pump and getting a better distributor, wiring, ignition box etc. It'd be my daily driver and I have no other car so I try to get everything done asap. Is there anything I have to check or is it a good starting point?
  17. I really suck guessing sizes, length, weight etc. Can you guess the approx. size of those tires on the pic? Maybe the rear is 255/70 R15?
  18. Thanks, that's it. The only reason I won't go for the AR is the lack of the rivets but I really like this one.
  19. Can anybody identify these wheels? Quite similar to American Racing Outlaw II but looks much better.
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