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  1. I make a laser cut 3 piece kit for this swap, new crossmember, shift rod and range selector mount.
  2. Good made in USA rollers are MOREL and no harm in the holes that way you can use ford/trick flow etc lifters with the dog bones or but if you dont want to drill and tap you can use the link/tie bar style.
  3. Stock or adjustable arms? stock Cleveland arms just get torqued down. Adjustable self aligning rockers require hardened pushrods and guide plates and are adjusted quite differently.
  4. I have always used it, read in a really once in an old manual its supposed to keep hot oil off the intake and thus making intake air temp cooler but its getting harder and harder to find stuff like this anymore.
  5. http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Ford-9-Inch-Posi-Traction-Third-Member-Assembly,6788.html This may be a better way to go, all new parts in a used case already assembled. all you have to do is install it.
  6. MT91106 Mike you are right about if its setup correctly just having the good luck of finding a good supplier was really the nature of my inquiry. Its not a bad price as motive gears are 240, bearings 104, tracloc unit usually 375 to 550 they are not marking these up hardly at all considering the cost of labor and the used case.
  7. jbobo does the setup have a whine or howl??
  8. kcmash, please understand Im not saying that the (stock) metal gear is incompatible what I am saying is the Nylon gear is stronger and will outlast the steel or iron gear especially since there may be imperfections on the cam drive gear from knocking teeth of the dist. gear. Comp cams sells the gears and they can be gotten from summitracing.com. I had a defective distributor from MSD where the internal shaft was not concentric with the od of the housing and it ate my distributor drive gear OFF my cam, Long story short had to pull motor down to get all he steel out so upon putting my engine back together decided to use the composite gear and never face that again. Found out about the composite gear from a high performance machine shop close by and reserached it and now I am a believer and no a hp cam in a 351c wont hurt the composite gear.... used them in 429's, 408W and 393C all bumping 500+hp. Good luck no matter which route you follow just trying to share my trying and expensive expiernce so you dont have endure it as well.
  9. Wait dont do that!! too much can go wrong steel on steel. Spend the $100 and get a composite cam gear, they are tolerant to drive gear imperfections as a ding and a lot cheaper than metal all throught the engine and you on the shoulder of the road. I would even try the Bronze gear but they are meant to wear out so it will wear out however the composite(like Nylon) is indestructable.
  10. One head gasket on backwards is my guess. On one bank the gasket will lay face down and face up on the opposite side but no matter how they lay, they say "front" and that means no matter how it has to be flipped( as odd as it may look) both words imprinted into the gaskets go to the front of the block. Also make sure the impeller is not spinning or slipping on the water pump shaft, its rare but happens too. Best of luck I know how bad this sucks. Take lots of pics during tear down for your refernce.
  11. I use the MSD cut to fit and if you use a bench vise to crimp the terminal with the supplied tool it works better than most other factory sets you can buy premade. The wires come with both Male and HEI style terminals and there is plenty of excess wire so you can practice with the ones you are not using. 2 crimps and you are a pro.
  12. Or the bushings in the distributor body galled and siezed....personally done that one before.
  13. The real answer is what is it worth to you....Start low like $250. Its a used engine you dont know if it has good rings or knocks or low oil pressure. Of course you hope its good and of course he will say its good but till you get it running you wont know for sure what you've bought so buy low as possible...my$.02
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