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  1. Looking for two brackets that will fit my 72 4300D 4v Motorcraft carb: 1. Heater hose bracket near choke 2. Linkage protect plate near choke
  2. 1973 351CJ-4V Motorcraft 4300D Carburetor, 4 speed manual transmission - 50 states. D3ZF-LA stamped on the carburetor base, spread-bore design of 715 cfm. Professionally restored and replated by Chicago Carburetor. $699. Free Shipping.
  3. Awesome! I love this site!! Thanks for the leads.
  4. Still looking. D1ZX-6316-AA Harmonic Balancer
  5. Contact these people, excellent source for hard to find parts. Chuck http://www.allclassicmustang.com/index.html Thanks. I spoke with JD who said they don't have.
  6. Bill, Do you happen to have a D1ZB-6331112 (right hand) lower inner sail panel in your stash? Any color. They cover the space between the bottom of sail panel and the rear deck on non-fold down cars. These are made of hard plastic not headliner material covered card board. Thanks, Ed Benningfield
  7. Don, you're awesome! But I think Erin would disapprove of you giving away inventory. I sent you an email.
  8. Yes...from her email: "The mirror was received with the defects you noted...." Of course it was.
  9. I eagerly recognize quality service from restoration vendors on this forum as my posting history will demonstrate, but I also think it's important to expose shoddy service to warn the collector community. I sent a fully functional and original mirror from my 1971 Boss 351 to the "mirror lady", Joyce Borrell out of Lebanon, PA and received a non-functional/damaged mirror. She media blasted and painted the metal case along with a new mirror and gasket. However, she damaged the day/night selector mechanism that now rattles loosely inside the mirror body along with a dent near the day/night selector switch that I assume was created when she pried the mirror lens from the body. She attempted to repair the interior mechanism with blue painters tape that is visible inside the mirror cavity. I'm stunned she returned this damaged mirror with no explanation or offer to repair or replace. My cost: $114 plus shipping. I'm now looking for a replacement original mirror. Ed Benningfield New Braunfels, TX
  10. I know this is an old thread but I referenced it to locate a business to rebuild the PS pump in my 71 Boss and wanted to share my experience. I sent a rusty 50 year old pump to Dan at ChockoStang and in one week he returned a concours quality pump! Cost was $130 plus $30 shipping. I highly recommend. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/
  11. I purchased this 1971 Boss 351 last summer (2018). Prior owner bought it from University Chrysler in Edinburg, TX...a border town close to Mcallen. Salesman at the dealership told him this Boss was a trade-in by a Mexican buyer who drove the car across the border and returned with a new Chrysler. Marti Report states the DSO (District Sales Office) code is 99 and 1 of 18 Boss 351s designated for export. Unfortunately there is no further documentation that shows where a DSO 99 car eventually was exported to. I assume based on the PO's story that this car went to Mexico and returned to the Motherland when traded for a Chrysler in late 1976. Original sales receipt from PO who paid $1,200 for a 1971 Boss 351 on Jan 12, 1977 from University Chrysler in Edinburg, TX.
  12. Geof, That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the fruit of your research. I'll show to my restoration shop once I return the car for paint and body work. Ed
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