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  1. Looking for two brackets that will fit my 72 4300D 4v Motorcraft carb: 1. Heater hose bracket near choke 2. Linkage protect plate near choke
  2. 1973 351CJ-4V Motorcraft 4300D Carburetor, 4 speed manual transmission - 50 states. D3ZF-LA stamped on the carburetor base, spread-bore design of 715 cfm. Professionally restored and replated by Chicago Carburetor. $699. Free Shipping.
  3. Awesome! I love this site!! Thanks for the leads.
  4. Still looking. D1ZX-6316-AA Harmonic Balancer
  5. Contact these people, excellent source for hard to find parts. Chuck http://www.allclassicmustang.com/index.html Thanks. I spoke with JD who said they don't have.
  6. Bill, Do you happen to have a D1ZB-6331112 (right hand) lower inner sail panel in your stash? Any color. They cover the space between the bottom of sail panel and the rear deck on non-fold down cars. These are made of hard plastic not headliner material covered card board. Thanks, Ed Benningfield
  7. Don, you're awesome! But I think Erin would disapprove of you giving away inventory. I sent you an email.
  8. Yes...from her email: "The mirror was received with the defects you noted...." Of course it was.
  9. I eagerly recognize quality service from restoration vendors on this forum as my posting history will demonstrate, but I also think it's important to expose shoddy service to warn the collector community. I sent a fully functional and original mirror from my 1971 Boss 351 to the "mirror lady", Joyce Borrell out of Lebanon, PA and received a non-functional/damaged mirror. She media blasted and painted the metal case along with a new mirror and gasket. However, she damaged the day/night selector mechanism that now rattles loosely inside the mirror body along with a dent near the day/night selector switch that I assume was created when she pried the mirror lens from the body. She attempted to repair the interior mechanism with blue painters tape that is visible inside the mirror cavity. I'm stunned she returned this damaged mirror with no explanation or offer to repair or replace. My cost: $114 plus shipping. I'm now looking for a replacement original mirror. Ed Benningfield New Braunfels, TX
  10. I know this is an old thread but I referenced it to locate a business to rebuild the PS pump in my 71 Boss and wanted to share my experience. I sent a rusty 50 year old pump to Dan at ChockoStang and in one week he returned a concours quality pump! Cost was $130 plus $30 shipping. I highly recommend. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/
  11. I purchased this 1971 Boss 351 last summer (2018). Prior owner bought it from University Chrysler in Edinburg, TX...a border town close to Mcallen. Salesman at the dealership told him this Boss was a trade-in by a Mexican buyer who drove the car across the border and returned with a new Chrysler. Marti Report states the DSO (District Sales Office) code is 99 and 1 of 18 Boss 351s designated for export. Unfortunately there is no further documentation that shows where a DSO 99 car eventually was exported to. I assume based on the PO's story that this car went to Mexico and returned to the Motherland when traded for a Chrysler in late 1976. Original sales receipt from PO who paid $1,200 for a 1971 Boss 351 on Jan 12, 1977 from University Chrysler in Edinburg, TX.
  12. Geof, That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the fruit of your research. I'll show to my restoration shop once I return the car for paint and body work. Ed
  13. In the beginning......A coworker I've known for almost 10 years owned a 1971 Boss 351 he bought in Jan 1977. This car was his baby and for the last 40+ years has tried to faithfully maintain it even though his mechanical skills are limited. So, five years ago he retired and moved with his English wife back to England (he used to be in the Air Force). Before he left he practically begged me to buy his Boss because he knew I could/would take care of it....almost an adoption. In a former life I used to work in the service dept of a new car dealership and possess the mechanical tools and skill-set that he lacked. However, I was in the middle of a divorce and was in no position to take on a project car. Fast forward to Summer of 2018 and out of the blue I received an email from the Boss owner informing me he was visiting the colonies for a couple of weeks. The car had been in a storage unit since his retirement and he wanted to get rid of it and offered me a price I couldn't refuse. My early goal was to paint it, maybe new tires and a tune-up, and bada-bing-bada-boom sell it for a handsome profit. That was before I received a phone call from the body shop who discovered damage to the driver's side sub-frame from a prior accident and a rusted floor pan. My options were to either disassemble the car and sell the parts or disassemble the car and restore it. Of course the new bride (remarried now) wanted me to sell the car one part at a time but I recognize the historical value and limited production number of the 1971 Boss 351 (1,806). I decided to go for the restoration option and every time there's a package left on my front door step with a part for the Boss (almost daily), my bride reminds me of how much this car is costing me (not one dollar of her money used in this project). Here's some pictures of the journey in the last 18 months: The day I purchased, July 12, 2018. (I know...incorrect bumper and wheels). Bill of sale dated Jan 12, 1977 for $1,200 by prior owner (PO). Car was originally Light Pewter Metallic but PO hated silver so had it repainted blue. I will return back to original color. First order of business was to rebuild this dirty beast. Ready for the machine shop! Mission Automotive in San Antonio did a fantastic job of returning this Boss to former glory. I have the original D1ZX-9425-CA intake but not the original Autolite 4300-D carb. Prior owner remembers the day he threw away the 4300-D after he replaced it with a Holley as all the performance magazines in the 70s were recommending. Boss 3.91 axle before restoration. "The Twisted Axle" of San Antonio are the local gurus for Ford 9 inch rebuilds. The Jedi Knight of Toploader rebuilds, David Kee, rebuilt the 4 speed to include rechroming the Hurst shifter. Valor Restoration of Canyon Lake, TX replaced everything forward of the windshield. New firewall and cowling. Ready for the new floor. New Floor! The car is back in my garage where I will install the new power train and eventually return it to Valor Restoration to finish the body and paint. My desire is to conduct a correct restoration vs a concours restoration. I mean, I want it to look correct but not going to take the painstaking (and prohibitively expensive) concours approach. Example: I'm going to paint the driveshaft the correct color but not going to paint the color bands or duplicate the inspection marks. Where required I'm replacing some components with ACP or Scott Drake repros. I was able to locate at great expense the correct Boss 351 exhaust manifolds (and heat shield and lift hooks) and will trash the Hooker headers the PO had installed. This Boss will not be at Pebble Beach or undergo the scrutiny of a MCCA inspection. I just want a clean 71 Boss that I can drive to a local meet and be proud to show it. My goal is to have it finished by September 2020 to compete in the all Mustang show in San Antonio. I'll update once the engine, tranny, and axle are installed.
  14. Thanks Steve. I'll give Don a call tomorrow if he's open. I need to do a proper intro sometime as this car has an interesting backstory. According to Marti it's one of 18 Boss 351s that were designated for export in 1971 and found its way back to the motherland. Be looking for the urethane bumper in the For Sale forum after Christmas. It's in awesome condition and hopefully will help a M1 owner.
  15. Last Summer (2018) I bought a co-worker's 1971 Boss 351. He bought it in 1977 and has owned it the last 42 years. Of the many things he's done to it over the years he replaced the front chrome bumper for a urethane. I'm going to replace the urethane bumper with a correct chrome bumper. I want to sell the urethane bumper because it is in very good condition but need to know if the metal brace the urethane bumper attaches to will also accept the chrome bumper? If it does I will remove the brace and use for the chrome attachment. Here' some pictures of the bracket: Oh...who sells a quality repro chrome bumper? Lots out there...Goodmark, Sherman, ACP, Dynacorn, Scott Drake, Mr Mustang, etc. I know....wrong bumper and wheels. Is this bracket common to both chrome and urethane bumpers? Very straight....no cracks.
  16. Two being sold on eBay with same part numbers, D1ZA-7B112-AA, but look very different. Which one is correct and why would they share the same part number?
  17. Agree about the temp and performance. The container says best if used above 65 degrees. Fortunately living in South Texas means I could conceivably use it on Christmas Day. I agree with reuse. I strained my leftovers through a paint strainer and it appears just as strong in repeated applications.
  18. Read a "how to" on rust treatment on another site and it recommended using a metal prep (phosphoric acid) on rusted parts. You can buy this at Home Depot for $17.99. I bought this product (and rubber gloves) and dumped the entire gallon undiluted into a five gallon pail. I lightly brushed the surface with a wire brush, dumped the parts into the bucket and walked away. Came back in 30 minutes and OMG, the parts looked like they had been media blasted! I had a second pail with water and baking soda to neutralize the acid. I rinsed the acid bathed parts in the second pail and dryed. Below are a few before and after. I'm going to try this process on rusty brake parts and nuts and bolts. Wish I had known about this magic juice years ago! P.S. I used Self Etching primer on the post acid bath parts. The acid will strip to bare metal and the parts will flash rust fairly quickly (couple of hours).
  19. Bingo! I bet it was for the headers. I threw away his Hookers and replacing with stock manifolds. I just recently located the driver's side manifold in Luxembourg! Easy decision... it's going back on.
  20. I just got my toploader back from David Kee for my Boss 351. The PO removed the reverse lockout rod years ago and left it in the trunk. It appears many owners over the years removed this saftety/security feature and I'm wondering why. Are these things troublesome? I don't know if I should install or keep it in the trunk for the next owner. Oh...dash and steering column are out hence the time to make a decision for installation.
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