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  1. Kilgon, I'm just out side of Louisville, KY. The previous owner was suppose to have changed seats about 10 years ago. I'll have my friend pull covers off and look at the foam, if it's questionable I will replace them. I want the seat to look good and be somewhat firm. attached a couple pics. thanks for the help and guidance. Bob
  2. got the seat back buttons on order. Opened box to look at seat covers, very nice, pleased with how heavy they feel. Now I need to pull old ones off and see if my padding needs to be replaced. Here's couple pics of mine. thanks
  3. here's link to seats I have. is the NPD 64824-5A right or is the 64284-6A?
  4. I guess I better start looking for the inserts. No repro made?
  5. new ones are the sport interior (from Distinctive Industries), black with red insert. I haven't unboxed them yet. I was afraid the seat frames or padding might be different. I have a golfing friend that owns a upholstery shop and he's offered to put them on for me.
  6. didn't understand question about the weave? here's a few pics of mine
  7. For Christmas I got a set of Distinctive Mach 1 seat upholstery for my car. My seats are standard design. Will Mach 1 coverts fit or do I need to return and buy standard upholstery? Thanks, Bob
  8. Thanks Don, I was pretty sure it was. I found the fitting I needed yesterday at NAPA and started bleeding process. Had hard time getting one fitting onn proportioning valve to seal but I think it's good now. Thanks again for all your help. Bob
  9. Got lines from proportioning valve to MC today. These are the lines I ordered back in May from CJPony and they're still on BO. I ordered a set from Shafer Classic in Florida Wednesday and got them this morning! Great people, fast shipping. Now My problem is making sure I connect the lines correctly. Based on the fitting sizes it looks like the large bowl is going to rear wheels and the smaller to the front. l Please let me know it this looks right. thanks Bob
  10. I checked Ohio Mustang's website but didn't see the brake lines I needed. How to I message Don on this forum? Thanks
  11. looks like I'm not the only one thinking their customer service or lack of Sucks. I'll check Ohio Mustang and see if they have the brake lines I need. thanks Bob
  12. I ordered a few parts on May 8th from CjPony that were back ordered. I have sent a couple emails to see when they expect them but no replies from CjPony. Any body else have problems getting back order updates from them? Thanks Bob
  13. Your washer looks the same as mine but mine has the washer on the back side. The lady at power brakes said to make sure I kept washer because the seal didn't come with it.
  14. I purchased a new seal and I think metal side goes toward master cylinder. Can anyone verify? thanks Bob
  15. Found the booster seal thanks to the help from Carolina. Now I need the 2 lines that run from the proportioning valve to the master cylinder. I want the type that are bent into a circle. I ordered a set from CJpony only to find they were out of stock. I contacted them and was told they would be in on 5/20/20. Yesterday I got a email saying now they won't be in till 6/5/20. They offered to sell me a complete set because the lines were in it, they were not willing to pull the parts from the big kit. If you know here I can find them please let me know. I've looked a NPD and Summit but didn't see them.
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