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  1. Didn't mean to highjack the post but thank you @Mustang Guru. I found original pictures of my car, prior to the repaint, it lacked the hockey stick stripes. Prior to now, I always wondered why I saw some with or without the chrome trim.
  2. I love the color combo but I might be biased! Btw, I noticed that your Mach 1, like mine, has the chrome trim running above the rockers...Does anyone know why some Mach 1's have this and others don't? Was it part of an option package etc?
  3. Just had an update from the curator, Carroll Shelby's widow and family stopped the museum and they loved the car! They even took a photo in front of it, see attached:
  4. You can also always try a phenolic spacer for the carb (measure hood clearance first)...it’ll keep it cooler during run times and prevent the fuel from boiling off post shutdown.
  5. I had a similar issue that Don mentioned/cautioned against with the reduced voltage wire supplying my MSD CDI system. Because of this, my MSD/ignition had insufficient voltage and thus the car would "fall off a cliff" when trying to rev past 5,400 (the engine acted like the valves were floating). Once I ran a dedicated 12V+ via a relay from the battery to the MSD system...It pulls hard all the way up to my rev limiter without any hesitation.
  6. Thanks Ray, I agree and when I had my ‘65 concours trailer queen, I remember every time I took it out....it was white knuckle. That’s why when I picked my ‘72, I wanted to enjoy the car and take it out for cruises without having my blood pressure elevated the entire drive. I intentionally choose to have these aesthetic modifications done (I didn’t cut or drill holes etc. so the next guy or gal can return it to stock if he or she wants). I also got tired of people walking up to my ‘65 and telling me what they thought was wrong, my favorite was when they said the fender bolts had the w
  7. You’re also the reason many youth stay away from classic cars, don’t take this the wrong way.
  8. I had a 65 concours car (grand national winner that Perkin’s knows of), that’s why I love the Restomod. I’m aware, thanks for pointing out the obvious.
  9. I’ve had several, for different late model cars. They’re fantastic. The only thing I’d be careful of is using plastic conditioners, it can make them slippery, that said...they’re a solid product made in the USA...’nuff said.
  10. She’s at the front of the collection. The curator told me that the mechanic on staff stopped dead in his tracks as he walked by...any member’s in the area want to see it, PM me and I’ll be happy to work something out with the museum.
  11. I'd like to chime in and say that the new Batmobile (2021) has several similarities to our car's design. The long hood, tucked in grill, and near horizontal rear-quarter panels/rear window rake have an uncanny similarity to the 71-73's. I guess they were just ahead of their time.
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