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  1. thanks c9zx dont want to get the wrong one and than have to wait to return it so thanks for the good advice.RON
  2. i need help with what size torque converter to get i know what stall size i need i just need to know does our car take a 26 spline,pan filled or case filled and the bolt size for our cars thanks for any help.ron
  3. thanks luke Well done Sir,great looking vert you have there
  4. thanks everyone, bkdunha it is a great feeling that all my hard work and money i put in the mustang paid off.
  5. thanks i took those pictures at 9:30 am when i got there, entry closed at 12:00pm and there were alot more cars that showed up,the event was from 9am to 4pm to bad my phone was out of memory or i could of took more pictures.
  6. what made me smile today lasted from saturday,won 3rd place at the car show,my mustang went up against a lot of real nice looking rides of 67 to 73 class modified.
  7. Saturday wen"t to enter the mustang in its first car show after 3 years of fixing it up,I thought it was time to do so there were 150 cars and few bikes my car was entered in the 67 to 73 modified class and it was in a tuff spot because had to go against some nice camaro "s,chevells,mopars early mustangs and what do you know my car placed 3rd place not bad at all compared to the completion there were some great cars out there and I thought that I would not even place against them.so I'm very happy.
  8. rpmcarter,congrats to you and your family this world always need more love.
  9. nice day to smile my daughter finshed school for paramedic and now she can take the state test, im a proud dad right now.
  10. what made me smile today is i got my new fuel tank,i heard the fedx truck and new it was here and just couldn;t stop smileing.
  11. i have one and it works great,only problem its big and have to use a small air filter.
  12. jeff73mach1 tire size 235/65/15 c4 transmission and 2.83 i think its 7 teeth from what i read hope you can help thanks ron
  13. i have the nylon material trunk mat that are like the floor mats and i like it and it feels thick.
  14. hi i just replaced the gears with 3.80 gears and i need the speed gears or the speedometers thats attaches to the tranmission,does any one no what size tooth i need for the mustang is 8 inch rear end with 28 spine and 15x7 tires i need help ordering the right one and i dont know what size i need;thanks ron
  15. easter sunday in chicago was such a beautiful day,high 70s had the windows open and thinking about my car it has been in the shop for a couple weeks getting the floors and inner rockers installed and i heard the roar of a v8 almost had whiplash trying to see what it was,my wife starts laughing telling me dont hurt myself i moved so fast,but what im trying to say is no matter were your at you can tell when a american v8 muscle car is passing by just by that sweet sound so many ricers try to duplacate.
  16. lot of new people so lets hear some storys of how you got your mustang.
  17. Wow -that's funny. But pics can be deceiving. Check out my photo album. Of course I am OLD. I still have hell deciding which of my dark socks are black and which are blue!!!!!!!!!!! :huh: Ray
  18. good job with all the work you have done,alway glad to see younger kids into classic cars.
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