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  1. boss1ray no is not red it is orange! its a ford orange from a 1969 paint code.
  2. are you sure its the door hinges and not the roker panels or the floor pans getting weak because that will cause the door to sag,i bought new door hinges top and bottom and found out my floors and rocker panel was decaying,because are doors are so heavy the weight doesn't hold the door up good any more,hope it is the hinges its a lot cheeper good luck.
  3. bill73ragtop take the door panel off clean old glue off and apply some new 3m glue and use a weight it let cure it should work,good luck i see you did some of it already try the weight bag of sugar may not do it,good luck.
  4. don't like the black in our cars,kind of like the light colors for our cars.
  5. good luck with everything,i got some cutting and welding to do or should i say the body shop does.
  6. yes it can ,i ordered the rocker panels both sides,new floor pans both side and subframe connectors and hope to get it the shop this week.
  7. we'll i looked at the car and the rocker panels are bad,worse on driver side than passenger side the floor pans are rusting away and crakeing ,so the auto shop is afraid of doing the leafsprings and shocks on the rear because too many week points when lifting up,i took it to a body shop by my house and got a estimate for the work.thanks for everyone for the feed back.
  8. cz-75 thanks for the tip on the door being ajar.im going to order sub frame connectors this week, i been reading up on adding them and its al postive thanks again ron.
  9. hi can any one help, i have the mustang at the auto shop putting on shocks and the leaf springs and the shop called saying the car frame feels week, i know unibody frames have play in it and i have the convertible should i be worried or does the frame under lift pressure really flex alot ,any one have experience with this can help me thanks ron. called saying the car frame feels week, i know unibody frames have
  10. welcome from chicago ridge il
  11. welcome from chicago ridge il, nice color combo
  12. welcome you did a nice job fixing her up!
  13. hey jeff autometers are a good brand, can find them for sale at alot of places.hope this helps.
  14. well i guess i was wrong, i was told when changed mine from script to letters the ford expert said they did.guess he not a expert lol.
  15. sounds like the bolts are loose check around the pump and tighten as needed,power steering bracket that holds power steering box might be loose,not hard to do good luck.
  16. mustang letters were still put on early 72 mustangs
  17. ole pony cant wait to see all the cars for 2015 calender.
  18. just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted,happy to be part of this great group of guys and girls,again thanks everyone.
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