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  1. welcome from chicago ridge il,i built mine the way i wanted too,your convertible is looking good
  2. matrixx was size after market gauges fit in there
  3. i also have tri-y headers on my car and i think scott drake sell them and they fit good
  4. i have to say the seats don't recline back and tilt steering wheel also.
  5. Yes from the trunk lock line up the t than go left to right to spell out mustang
  6. they are 3 inches apart,and start from the trunk key were you open it lined up the t under it and work from left to right.
  7. you can find a good top from ohio mustang,cj pony,or mustang unlimted, look around for shops in your area for labor,and for your top not working you might have broken air lines i would check for connections and if there in good shape or if your pump is damaged,good luck
  8. everyone goes to car shows or cruise nights to see the old cars, classic cars,hot rods it doesn't matter if your car is fixed up or you working on it or its a trailer queen thats what people come out to see,they bring there family or or boyfriend or girlfriend you can see new cars rideing on the streets anytime,thats my 2 cents
  9. well thanks for all the advice guys i will look into it,and do some homework.
  10. Wwhite72 I had a shop do the build and I told him what I wanted and I told him I wanted a real good cam and I should of a got a better cam for what I paid for it,I was looking for someone else that new about cams so tommorow when I go to his shop I can tell him why he put in a week cam thanks
  11. 73vert. thanks I think you guys are right, I pay to have it done right and this guy gives me a mild low cam when I wanted the best set up for my ride.
  12. looking for someone that can tell me if this cam is any good for my build or should look into getting a better cam, i had the engine rebuilt with a edelbrock duel plane intake and 4bl 600 cfm carb and ford motor gt40 aluminum heads with 2inch valves here is a pic of the cam please any advice thanks ron
  13. no to the spell checking!and the seats covers from don at ohio mustang they are good quality seat covers. steve73qmach1 sorry no pics of the spoiler install, but there is a wright up on this site on how to install one maybe some one can point it out for you.
  14. added new pictures to post sorry 2 are upside down,not good with loading them,need my kids to load them next time for me lol
  15. . Here is some of the updated work I done on the car new front spoiler new interior new rebuild engine with performance parts,still more work to be done but happy with how far I have come
  16. cool pictures love the bomber gas station
  17. not me i think they should have there own style and look,because they are beautiful cars and are cars have there own unique look. my 2 cents
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