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  1. welcome from chicago ridge il, nice mustang
  2. glad you been safe all these years,your always welcome back home anytime.
  3. rutkak nice i lived by archer and kedvale over bye currie h.s.,looks like your far from me now
  4. hi all i need some help i have 72 basic 302, im going to put the edelbrock intake and thunder 600cfm carb performance package what heads and cam and lifters will be safe for me to put on i dont want to go over size and loose performace, i want to keep the 302 because it the original engine plus im not going to race or take it to track.your advise and knowledge is welcomed. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. cz-75 thanks,i will go on jegs and get the kit.
  6. hi need help do i need to buy new seals,bearing and the rings, plust the new gears or can i just buy 3.50 gears and just change that,i have 2.75 gears can any one give me some advise thanks Ron
  7. there is still alot of stories out there,lets here them!
  8. cz-75 you can always take another drive and see if he hanging out in front of his house and he is you can chat with him and invite him to look at the site.
  9. well for me its the way i feel when i get in and drive around or go some where, i feel like i could drive all day and night,and i hate driveing my regular cars.lol i just feel good when the spring comes and its time to bring out the mustang and start haveing fun driveing
  10. what he did is called retagging another car,he took the tags off mach 1 and put it on the other mustang thats called retagging its against the law,thats why cars come with vin #s so they know what car it is......it kind of confuseing so i will break it down.............you crash your mach 1 and its totaled so now you have no car all you have is a title and a smashed car,so now what some one did is found a mustang a hot one off the streets poped the vin out of that mustang and poped in the mach 1 vin plate and now he has a mach 1 with his vin # and he has a title for the mustang that matches the vin number.......so i would pass on this car you never know what could happen,its not worth it hopes this helps
  11. i like don at ohio mustang seat covers,the color and fabric just pop,i have not seen the tmi ones maybe someone else here will jump on and let you know good luck.
  12. just wanted to let everyone know i ordered custom seat covers from don at ohio mustang,and they look amazing they have great color and great material thanks Don.
  13. thanks i found some at autotrim supply,don i looked on your site only seen the carpet not the door panel carpet i was afraid to order from 2 shops in case the colors from the carpet and door were off.i needed black
  14. need help,my question is does anyone know if the carpet on the door panels can you buy them seperate or do you have to buy door panel and carpet togather,because i can't find carpet door panels for my convertible,so if anyone can help answer this please do thanks . Ron its the carpet thats on the bootom of the doors that match the carpet on the floor....
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