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  1. We will be moving to the Kids from Illinois to Florida, in the next 3? 4? years. Depends on selling Chockostang, Ground, House--On and on. So, we are starting to put out "Feeler". If you Folks are interested, Call me, I'll talk to you. I'm thinking this has to be in the Mid/upper 20's--I Put hounderds of hours in it, plus $15,000. Dan 217 882 2083
  2. 73 MUSTANG CJ 4 SPEED CONVERTIBLE Mileage: 62,000 Trans: 4 speed Engine: 351 CJ Vin#: 3F03Q233951 Body style: Convertible Ext Color: Green Int Color: White Terms: OR OFFER??? For Sale By: Private Property Accessories: Power Steering, Power Brakes, Tinted Windows, Rear Spoiler, Tachomester Description: This is a GENUINE, Authenic 73 Cobra Jet (CJ), Factory 4 speed, Mustang Convertible. ONE of 293 Built by Ford! It is a collector piece. VERY Rare, Only a hand full of these still remain in existence. It has been totally restored, to near show room condition. Great pains, effort was exerted in making sure this car was sone properly. It is worth a great deal now, and with the rising price of all first generation MUSTANG, this is without a doubt going to double, triple in value in the near future. After all, there's just a few made. It HAS TO rise sharply!! Every piece on this car has been taken off, refinished, redone, replaced, EVERY PIECE. Right down to complete dash removal, and braces, ect redone. Every piece in the suspension has been removed, refurbished with control arms in front, new busings in rear, new shackles, All new shocks, etc. The ride will be Brand New!!!! Rear Finned Brake Drums are the ORIGINAL FoMoCo 62,000 mile pieces. They are Excellent. Rest of rear brakes are new. Front Rotors are Original 2 piece. Calipers are original rebuilt FoMoCo Calipers. Rest is all new brakes on front. All new Clutch, Pressure plate, throw out bearing. All new seals in rearend. All new E Brake Cables. ORIGINAL (Guaranteed)- CJ 351 engine has been totally reconditioned by a local, top quality Ford Engine expert. The best around on Ford Performance motors. His phone number is availabel on request. It has original (Came with this car) 4 bbl carb, with exact numbers, Original alternator (rebuilt), original starter (rebuilt) all exhaust manifolds, fan, brackets, are original to this car. The top loader is GUARANTEED to be the original one for this year. Perfect condition. Rug number will match build sheet (WE HAVE THE ORIGINAL BUILD SHEET). The body is probably straighter than when it rolled off the line. Many hours of professional AUTO BODY WORK. Perfectly Straight Everywhere. All areas in jams as good as factory or better. Bottom of doors, step sills, trunk gutter, under deck lid, wheel wells, are show ready with welds, seams, excellent. No Patches. All Fenders, Door, Quarters are Factory FORD. No repo Stuff. Both front fenders are NOS. Drivers door, Drivers quarter original to car. Passenger door, and quarter are excellent factory pieces. NO RUST, no where. Right area front apron behind shock tower is original. Others had some pits, and were replaced with Brand New Repo panels. All apron look like they just came off the line. This is the original Green that came on the car. Refinished toa Brilliant luster. It is SHARP!!!! Factory Aluminum Wheels. Polished to shine brightly. New center caps, new lug nuts. Under the hood "EXTRA SHARP", new like. If We can Assist Further, PLEASE CALL 217 882 2083 Many Pictures, write chockostang@msn.com Thank You---Dan, Please serious interested persons, this is a nice piece we have had since the early 80's. ChockoStang 1624 Chock Rd. Murrayville, ILL 62668 A few of the Pictures are in our profile, please view, if interested call/write. Thanks Dan
  3. Going to sell our 73 Q Code, 4 Speed Convertible. You can see a few pictures in the Member profile. If interested, I'll send a detailed writing of this. Yes a original build sheet, number matching, More pictures. Dan @ Chockostang Call Please for responses. 217 882 2083
  4. The Finned rear Drums on the 71-73 Mustangs do indeed resemble the Finned drums for the front. BUT, they will not work. Your 8792 C Drums, Composite drums are hard to get, SO, you will need to search for them, or put on the non finned 8736 Drum. The 8736 is same drum, just no fins. All are 10". Dan @ Chockostang
  5. Good to know Ya!! Welcome. NICE-Nice, I like that. Dan @ Chockostang
  6. Good Folks here!!! New myself, I'm sure we'll enjoy/Benefit from the interaction. Dan @ Chockostang
  7. The Dark Side, I Like that! We done the 65-70 for years as builders, Buy a wreck, weld on pieces, send back into the market. This helped feed our kids, just Body Work, earning a living. The 71-73 Thing was not appealing till about 79 or so. A buddy and I starting Buying these things--Hell $50.00 each if found in the right situation. We done that for a bit, then the Painting/Health thing came along--We crushed 17 of the 71-73 at one time--Sure wish I had not done that. The Convertible I recognized as a very low number (I believe only 292 were built) saved it till 86 or so, done the number on it. It has about 1 Mile on it. Sets in a nice Garage in Jacksonville. We'll need to sell it in the VERY near future. Dan @ Chockostang
  8. New myself. Welcome aboard, I'm sure the experience we recieve will be beneficial in the 71-73 Mustang. Dan @ Chockostang
  9. This observation pertains to the 73 Convertible only. If I remember correctly, there were only 292 Q code, 4 Speed, 73's made. This is a very low number build--The Build number is as it should be, Body, Engine, Trans. Not the NEW notion, Color, Radio knob grooves, Chrome strips, Interior color VS outside color, a 1 of 15 Built, etc. The new numbers do not make a rare car, they make a person feel good. Side note--Dumb a-- me, I crushed 17, 71-73 in about 86 at one time! Dan @ Chockostang
  10. New to this Forum, I'm active in some other Forum, and happen to be sent this Link. One of the keeps of 40 years of Building/restoring was our 73 Q Code, 4 Speed, Convertible. These cars a finally getting the recognition they deserve, and now will gain in value, popularity. Our Q Code is a very close copy of the Green convertible that was on E Bay. Haven't figured out this posting pictures yet!!! Dan @ Chockostang
  11. New to this Forum, I'm active in some other Forum, and happen to be sent this Link. One of the keeps of years of restoring was our 73 Q Code, 4 Speed, Convertible. These cars a finally getting the recognition they deserve, and now will gain in value, popularity. Our Q Code is a very close copy of the Green convertible that was on E Bay. Dan @ Chockostang
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