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  1. Welcome from Washington State. :welcome2:
  2. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  3. Welcome from Washington State.
  4. I'm running a 3/8 hard line from the pump, under the engine and then up near the carb with a 90'. I then ran a short rubber line to the carb with a pressure gage. Wade
  5. I have the RobbMC pump on my Boss. I tried the Holly electric first. Changed mounting positions 2 or 3 times. At that time the RobbMC was on backorder for 7 or 8 months. They had lost their supplier of the arms they used in the Ford pumps. Their pump ended all my problems. The problem with the Holly electric was the car would run out of gas at about 2 miles. Of course, this always happened when I was on it. If i ran it on low rpm's around town it would run fine. Take off out of town with any mount of rpm's, it would run for about 2 miles and die. Very frustrating until I figured out that it was just running out of fuel. Wait 4 minutes and it would start. Will sell the electric Holly for $50.00. It has about 18 miles on it. Looks like new. Wade
  7. BOSS 351


  8. I still remember the first time I saw a new style Mach 1. I was painting a house, near the top of the ladder, and one turned down the street a block away. Yellow Mach 1 with black stripes, spinning tires. It was sooo nice. Summer of (1972)
  9. John, The only wires that are cut are the three in the picture. 1. small red with blue stripe (32) 2. small red with light green stripe (16) to fuse panel 3. small light green with red stripe (904) The yellow wire is not cut. All gauges work,(oil pressure, temp, and charging gauges) including the tach and the alternator charges. The two problems I have are: (1) The fan will blow anytime its left on (with the key turned off), and (2) the wiper motor won't turn on. I do have one wire with power to the wiper motor plug in. I also have one of the small center fuses that has no power. I will run down the wires and reconnect them this week. I have the dash all torn out now, where everything is quite easy to access. I pulled the front seat out where I can now lay on my back and really get under there to see whats going on. More later. Wade
  10. My wire harness has these wires cut. The are on the harness side of the ignition switch. Can anyone tell me where these wires lead to, and what function they control. I can't get my wiper motor to work, and I'm wondering if this is part of the problem, or just another one. I have the ignition switch wired around to start the car with another added in switch. The fan also stays on after the car is off and the key pulled. Not a problem unless I leave the switch on. The car is a 4 speed with tach. Thanks for any info.
  11. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome:: It looks very nice.
  12. Welcome From Washington State. ::welcome::
  13. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  15. Welcome From Washington State. ::welcome::
  16. Very nice! Welcome from Washington State.
  17. Welcome from Washington State.::welcome::
  18. Welcome From Washington State. ::welcome::
  19. Today was the first good day of the year with 60 degree temp. Washed the car and out for a drive.
  20. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  21. Sure looks like a pinion seal leak from your pictures An easy and inexpensive fix.
  22. I would bet that it's the Holley electric pump. I had the same problem with mine (351 ). I called it the 3 mile car. You could drive for just about 3 miles and it would die. Wait 5 minutes or so and run another 3 miles. The holley pump has no suction to get fuel. It will push fuel all day long, but the gravity flow to the pump must be greater than the fuel consumption. I relocated the Holley pump 3 times, each time lowering the pump - no better. Replaced the pump with a Robbmac pump and it ended all my problems. http://www.robbmcperformance.com/products/ford550.html The only real difference I see is that I was on the thottle heavy when I was testing mine. I sure like the mechanical pump compaired to the Holley. Holley pump for sale. Like new. Less than 25 miles use. Wade
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