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  1. Chris,

    Any 2 hp compressor will not work for what you want. I've sold air compressors for 30+ years. The mistake of over 50% of the people that purchase new compressors is that they look at price and end up buying a compressor too small for what they want to do. What you discribe, you need a min of a 5HP, 2 stage compressor with a cfm of no less than 25 CFM @ 100PSI. That being said, you will be spending closer to the 2k that you don't want to spend. Shop around for a used compressor that meets the above specs and you'll be a lot happier. A smaller compressor will work, if time is not a factor. You will be able to work for a few minutes, and then wait for the compressor to build up pressure, and then a few more minutes. Really gets to your patience if on a project. Good luck. If you purchase the right size compressor, you'll be happy for 20+ years, or purchase on too small, and end up buying a new one later.



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