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  1. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  2. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  3. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  4. Hello from Washington State. Always good to hear there is another from Washington. ::welcome::
  5. Install the carpet and make sure it's how you want it. I jacked the car up and heated a old phillips screwdriver till it was red hot. Then melted the carpet through the seat and seat belt holes from below the floorpan. Works great and the carpet will resist freying from your holes. You can make your holes just the right size for you bolts. I had a helper to hold carpet down around holes when I was melting it, and to check size of hole with proper bolt. You can test how hot you need to get it with one of your remnants. Make sure you leave a little extra rug around your sill plates, as it is easy to cut too much.
  6. Nice looking car. I would take the valve cover off and inspect.
  7. Welcome From Washinton State. Your project looks good now - - can't wait to see what you do! ::welcome::
  8. OMG caspianwendle While your at it, call the authoritys to tell them that you plan to speed to work. (Be sure to include time, location and route so they can be there to help you)
  9. I recommend this fuel pump. Solved my problems. I had the red Holley. http://www.robbmcperformance.com/products/ford550.html
  10. That's a great post, with a memory that will be with you for life. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  11. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  12. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  13. welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  14. Welcome from Washington State. ::welcome::
  15. Welcome From Washington State.
  16. WELCOME FROM WASHINGTON STATE. You will be able to find a wealth of information on this site that will make your rebuild easier. Good Luck. ::welcome::
  17. The wife and I took a cruise to TriCities yesterday. We were able to see Bjobo's 1973 Mach I. John has gone the extra mile on this car. It is truley a masterpiece. The body work is flawless, the interier is like new. I can't wait to see the Gear Venders overdrive work. That car is truly one of the nicest I've seen. Thank you John and Bonney for the hospitality.
  18. Ralph, If they did all the work you have listed. I'd say that the $3000.00 dollar price is not that bad. And if everything works great, it might be a bargin. If you pull up to the shop, and the car is setting there all washed up, then I'd say your dealing with a quality repair shop. The value of the repairs will be known after the firt 200 miles!!
  19. Welcome Chris, Always glad to get another from Washington State. From the Columbia Basin.::welcome::
  20. You might try Andy's Mustang in Spokane WA. I've had excellent results from him. You might have to talk him into taking one off one of his parts cars. I'm sure he will have some of the parts your looking for. :idea: Andy's Classic Mustang Parts 18502 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99016 (509) 924-9824
  21. Remind me next year. That's only 90 miles away for me. Just found your post today. 9/10/14
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