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  1. With all the science going on recently I was curious as to the number of 71 vs 72 vs 73 on this forum. Please take the time to post up year and make. Believe it or not this will give a pretty good sample group as to the percentage of survivors vs the # produced. IF YOUR PROUD OF IT, POST IT!!!

    2- 73 Q codes. 1 sport package automatic, 1 regular interior 4 speed.



    Since you started this, how about some type of spreadsheet with info posted. Now that would be great info on your poll.:D :idea:


  2. Just wanting to introduce myself I am Frank. I have a 73 Mach 1 i pulled out of a barn 6 mos. ago. Looking forward to talking too you all. Info on my car : 1973 Mach 1 original color Pewter Grey supposed to be 351c 2bbl. but actually has 429 4bbl with c-6. Call is all there has some rust in rear quater panels. Interior that is all there but has to be replaced. I figure it will probably take a couple years to complete.


    Welcome to the site. Sounds like a great project. This is the best site to find information on 71-73 Mustangs. Your only 80 miles away. Look me up sometime.

  3. Your car will only look as good as your prep work. Make sure you use a primer that is compatible with the paint you chose. Base coat clear coat is the way to go. Use a gravity feed gun. I don't know anybody, or body shop, that still uses the old type siphon guns. Use a fair amount of clear coat (min 2 coats, three better). Be careful wet sanding and buffing afterwards. Always a problem if you buff your clear coat off and get into the base coat.


    Painting isn't near as hard as many people think. Don't fear it and it will turn out great.:cool:

  4. Nice looking 71 Mach. I was wondering if the Pink one had a Pink Panther painter on the side. Twenty years ago I sold a 429 Super Cobra Jet that looked like that to a guy who worked in Alaska, but was from Spokane. Haven't seen it since.:shrug2:

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