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  1. i have had a couple of these and i believe this one is a keeper,anyway my wife won t let me sell it.
  2. Thanks, it's my other toy, I have alot of fun with it.
  3. You can use your driveshaft and clutch lnkage also.youll need to find motor mounts bellhousing,flywheel and probably front springs and exaust. You can even use your 351 distributor and radiator.
  4. I know you dont need me to tell you this, but that really sucks. I thought that sh** just happened to me.
  5. Great investment, i know what you mean about the concrete . Im about your age and christmas i helped one of my sons replace some cv joints and control arms on his car and was sore for a week.
  6. http://www.redheadsteeringgears.com , http://www.powersteering.com ,are two good places that have good reputations. Another is http://www.agrperformance.com , they are in texas ,but i don't know what kind of work they do. Love the way your car sits.
  7. You could make a drop base air cleaner, heres an article how to do it.its for a big block but their using a stealth intake with a ram air,might find something you can use .http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/stealth_aluminum_intake.htm
  8. Find a parts store that builds hydraulic hoses and have them build you one like your old one. I think some oreilleys do this.
  9. I hear you on the perch kit. Did the same thing ,feel the same way.
  10. Ya,youll have to remove the steering column . I even took my gauges out to get better access and of course the drivers seat if you havnt all ready.
  11. I did the mustang steve bearing on mine,i like it and it was easy to do.except for getting the support out.just takes the right combination of cuss words i guess.
  12. I have the variable box and looking at the elbow or bend in the pitman arm, its about a 90 deg. move from lock to lock. Or from 8 o'clock to 5 o"clock at the end of the pitman arm looking from the front of the car.
  13. You can do it,their not pressed on. The races in the hub are tapped in , but a hammer and brass punch remove and install them pretty easy.
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