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  1. Thanks Don, Your final thought in your last post is where my spider-sense is leaning. The pump was untouched during the gearbox rebuild and reinstall. The pump whined from the start after the suspension and gearbox project. With the number of people who have done the PS.com fast ratio upgrade on this forum, I would expect to see more whining complaints if the new gearbox overloads a stock pump. Note: hoses are new.
  2. No leaks, no foam. Whining starts instantly when any demand is placed on the system, but not while idling and not touching the steering wheel. JB
  3. UPDATE: No improvement :-( We have done all the recommended procedures for bleeding the system. Have driven the car quite a bit (over 200 miles). Just checked the fluid, it was just touching the bottom of the dipstick. Topped it off again. No improvement. It may be informative to note that this noise all began AFTER the gearbox upgrade and front suspension replacement. Another symptom to consider: At low RPM, while moving slowly, when turning the wheel the engine actually bogs down, perhaps due to load on the pump I assume. I believe the pump would actually stall the engine
  4. Update: After driving it a few times, the whine is quieter, but still there. Talked to Powersteering.com and they were also perplexed, but recommended a thickening additive for the Type F fluid. I have not done that, and feel like I shouldn't have to. The entire front suspension, steering gearbox and pump are either new or rebuilt by powersteering.com. Maybe it will slowly quiet down. We'll see.
  5. Will see how it progresses with some miles on it.
  6. Any opinions on best additives to cure this problem?
  7. THE PROBLEM: The PS steering pump began whining after upgrading to the 12:1 higher ratio gearbox from powersteering.com We decided the pump was probably original and needed rebuilt, so we sent it off to powersteering.com too. We just installed the rebuilt Pump, bled it while jacked up and engine off (stop-to-stop about 10x) then again with engine running. Topped off the reservoir, and it is still whining. No difference from rebuild. ADDITIONAL INFO: The gearbox was rebuilt as part of a complete front suspension replacement. All new Moog front suspension. Might try some
  8. Thanks Guys, Your knowledge is greatly appreciated. We just replaced the entire front suspension, so the shifter project was on hold. Just now getting back to it. JB
  9. I like this setup. So is this what is referred to as the Hurst Comp Plus? Thanks, JB
  10. The shifter actually works fine. Not sure what the ratios are, but 1st and 2nd are quite close together. The rest seem to be normally spaced. RPMs are a bit high at highway speeds. The transmission is a 4-speed. This was originally an automatic, so your instincts are spot-on. Here are the rear-end numbers: WES - T2 0MA I believe these numbers reflect a 2.75, 9" ring gear, 28 splines. The car runs well, but we are trying to clean up quite a few loose ends (like the loose front end). I have a center console, but it will not install over this shifter. Here is the c
  11. Thanks Matt, I will get some better pics and the casting numbers within a day or two. I believe it is a RUG though. JB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hey folks, I could really use some help identifying the 4-speed toploader shifter on our 1971, 351C. I have researched the transmission part numbers and it is a match for a 1969 390. The shifter has a Hurst handle on it, but the bolts don't really align where it connects to the shift box. Our biggest problem (and it will be obvious from the pictures) is that the last owner had to cut the floorboard to make it fit. The result is the shifter is offset to the left side of the transmission, and the center console will not fit over the top of the shifter. Questions: 1) What shifter is thi
  13. airfido


    Thanks David. Great info. JB
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