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  1. UPDATE: Marty, at power steering.com, refunded the cost of my rebuild, and sent me a return label for the unit. He analyzed the issue and found the bearings were fine, he DID find the staked control valve cap to be loose. He restaked the cap, refinished the exterior, tested the unit and sent it back to me. FWIW, I did not have the heart to cash his refund check. He stood behind his work, and that’s all we can ask. Here are the pics. 1 last symptom observation: The old pressure hose felt like it was buzzing (and I mean a high-energy, high frequency buzz) when the car was running. If this is your symptom, maybe it’s the control valve cap.
  2. After refunding for the rebuild, Marty sent me a return authorization for the pump so he can analyze the issue. He suspects a bearing, and wants to figure this out as much as we do. For the record, I replaced the pressure hose when I put the “New” reproduction (made in China) pump on. There is an ever-so-quiet whisper of a whine under a load, but I find that to be normal for most automobiles, and nothing like the deafening complaint the old Pump made even at idle. JB PS: New pony in the stable:
  3. Good News: Powersteering.com is standing behind their work, and have offered a refund. They are going to examine the pump to see what the problem is. JB
  4. UPDATE: OK, we replaced the pump with a NEW (not rebuilt) stock model https://www.macsautoparts.com/1971-1973-mustang-power-steering-pump-with-reservoir-6-cylinder-or-v8-44-851508-1.html (not the Saginaw) and even though it looked great, we replaced the pressure hose too. Post inspection of the hose revealed unrestricted airflow. Fluid inspection revealed about a tablespoon of a very fine milky silvery substance that sank to the bottom. Not granular between the fingers. RESULT: There is currently NO NOISE FROM THE SYSTEM. The car drives like a dream. THOUGHTS: I am cautiously optimistic that the pump was the problem. We will see if this holds up over time. One nagging issue is that this bad pump was just rebuilt by powersteering.com. So, I ask myself, a couple of questions: 1. Could the pump have been worn beyond repair when I sent it in? 2. What would be worn that wouLd not have been replaced in a rebuild? 3. If the pump was beyond repair, shouldn’t the shop have caught that? 4. Was it just a bad rebuild? That rebuilt pump was noisy from the start, but got even worse over time. SHOP NOTE: Rent the pulley tool from your local shop. The pulley came off, and went on the new pump “like butta”. Thanks for everyone’s input. You guys are awesome. JB
  5. Anyone have any experience with, or opinions on, the Saginaw PS “upgrade” kit?: https://www.macsautoparts.com/1964-1973-mustang-saginaw-power-steering-pump-upgrade-small-block-ford-v8-44-75369-1.html
  6. Thanks, folks. I will let you know how it goes. JB
  7. Update: It’s getting worse. Makes a lot of noise when driving, and seems to be losing steering power. It’s quite loud now. When jacked up, the steering worked easily by hand (not running) with no binding. Plan: I am going to replace the pump, and try to purge the system in the process. Any suggestions on how to flush it out? I will be looking for debris and contaminants. JB
  8. OK, thanks for the tutorial. Here is the video: Note: This is an “H” code car, the engine was replaced with a 351-4V prior to our purchase, and judging by the location of the shifter on the left side of the transmission, may have come from a ‘69 Fairlane or other wide-body car. I do not know if the power steering pump/pulley came with the engine, or is the original pump to the car. Pulley diameter is 5.5” at the outside. Again, though, this whining began when the gearbox/suspension was replaced. It ran fine prior to that. Next step is to test the whine with the tires off the ground, but springs depressed (tires unloaded) I know that turning the wheel with the vehicle stationary usually creates a load that may result in a whine, but the whine continues as the car accelerates away from stopped.
  9. ok, I took a short video, but it is too large a file to load here. Any suggestions? Thanks, JB
  10. Thanks Don, Your final thought in your last post is where my spider-sense is leaning. The pump was untouched during the gearbox rebuild and reinstall. The pump whined from the start after the suspension and gearbox project. With the number of people who have done the PS.com fast ratio upgrade on this forum, I would expect to see more whining complaints if the new gearbox overloads a stock pump. Note: hoses are new.
  11. No leaks, no foam. Whining starts instantly when any demand is placed on the system, but not while idling and not touching the steering wheel. JB
  12. UPDATE: No improvement :-( We have done all the recommended procedures for bleeding the system. Have driven the car quite a bit (over 200 miles). Just checked the fluid, it was just touching the bottom of the dipstick. Topped it off again. No improvement. It may be informative to note that this noise all began AFTER the gearbox upgrade and front suspension replacement. Another symptom to consider: At low RPM, while moving slowly, when turning the wheel the engine actually bogs down, perhaps due to load on the pump I assume. I believe the pump would actually stall the engine if one kept the load on it. I’m at loss here. Question 1: Could something in the gearbox rebuild process cause the gearbox to be binding, so as to overload the pump? Question 2: Could something in the front suspension replacement be binding enough to overload the pump? Reminder: Gearbox rebuild was part of a full front suspension replacement. Note: We did not add a thickening agent. The thought was a little counterintuitive for me, as I’m sure these pumps are meant to operate from the factory on straight Type F fluid, and all parts of this suspension/steering system are brand new or rebuilt by PS.com. Thanks for all your considerations. Your ideas and observations are greatly appreciated.
  13. Update: After driving it a few times, the whine is quieter, but still there. Talked to Powersteering.com and they were also perplexed, but recommended a thickening additive for the Type F fluid. I have not done that, and feel like I shouldn't have to. The entire front suspension, steering gearbox and pump are either new or rebuilt by powersteering.com. Maybe it will slowly quiet down. We'll see.
  14. Will see how it progresses with some miles on it.
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