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  1. Only found a hi res image of the 69 seat and the comfort weave looks pretty real?
  2. Thank you! Never realized this before, though fixed had higher seat backs like coupes and verts.
  3. I'm on the hunt for complete seat upholstery for my 1972 Mach 1. But I have realized that it's very hard to find a source where the vendor even mentions whether it's for folding rear seat or the regular one. Often only defining Mach 1 or Sportsroof. But that doesn't say what the rear seat is like. Anyone had the same issue when shopping for upholstery? Would like to go with these from Distinctive industries. http://www.distinctiveindustries.com/component/virtuemart/ford/mustang/1971-1973/upholstery_5901cf85f309b/mach1/1971-73-mustang-mach-1-with-front-buckets-front-rear-set-detail?Itemid=2
  4. Sounds reasonable because those ramps up onto the Dearborn train cars were pretty steep. Probably would have toasted the spoiler.
  5. Sounds great. Hoping for the same luck for myself.. Btw, how do you even measure to the front bumper bracket hole since it's oblong. Center?
  6. Thank you, I also read in the thread Frame-measurement-madness that you built you jig with the 15.03 dimension and it all turned out OK. Did the idler arm bracket and steering gear mounting holes match good as well?
  7. Hi, yes it seems so and it's very strange. Frame rails are the same between 71-73 so there should be no such big differences. The 11.74 dimension actually is from the 1972 diagram. So they had it correct in 71 and the intruduced values that are way of in 72/73. Makes no sence.. I just read an old thread about this: https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/32491-frame-measurement-madness/ and it seems like 15.03 value is the way to go. If anyone else could confirm this I would be very grateful!
  8. Hi, I just now mounted my "new" rear frame to a frame jig. It's mounted to the jig in the leaf spring holes in the positions given in the Underbody dimensions diagram for 1972. I expected the rocker to sit parallel to the base line, but it really doesn't. The front of the car will sit much higher. I double checked all dimension but just want to confirm if this is how it should be? Also it seems like there are very few height dimensions overall in the diagram. Like for rockers, front and rear floor frame rails etc. Are there additional dimensions to the diagram? Pretty hard to put everything toghether correclty with this little data.
  9. There's only a page 1 for any of the threads from the old forum. And no way to head on to the next. The missing posts that users are talking about, I guess those are not on page 1, hence not possible to reach. Hope it's not forever lost content.
  10. Hi all, thought I'd introduce myself as I've been around for a while on this fantastic forum and it's helped me out a lot already. Lots of people with great knowledge here! My name is Niklas and I live in Sweden. Bought my second 1972 Mach 1 last year, 15 years after I sold my first one. Had a few other cars in between, but the abstinence grew too big.. Some facts about the car (all original and heavily optioned): 351-4V CJ Q code 4-speed w/ Hurst shifter Gold glow paint Deluxe interior Tilt rim blow steering wheel Power windows A/C Intermittent windshield wipers Heated rear window Magnum 500's Rear decklid spoiler Mach 1 side tape stripes The condition of the car i currently poor and undergoing restoration. Starting off with some body work with rust repair. This forum will be a great help for sure! Hoping to be able to help out as well! I'll see you around, Nik
  11. Beautiful, exactly that even free space around the tire that your'e looking for!
  12. Old thread but super interesting!
  13. Hi, are the rear seat plastic quarter panels still there? If so, are they damaged from sun and brittle on the surface?
  14. Thanks to all of you guys for straitening this out! ::thumb:: Buying the unit wont be a waste of money then, just need to modify my original am/fm bezel. Thanks, Nik
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