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  1. Aris

    Mustangs Plus

    Does this Mustangs Plus spare parts business still exist? I placed an order for some decals and a confirmation of the order and payment came to my email. Now there have been nothing for many months. They not responding to email or contact requests. Luckily I didn't order anything more expensive could it bother me even more? So you shouldn't use that store that you can't even contact after online payment. They just take money and run...
  2. Should there be a rubber seal between the windshield and the dashboard? My car doesn’t have that rubber seal which one is in that picture?
  3. Hi there! Looking for 351 C 1973 Ford Mustang Power Steering Oil Cooler.
  4. Is there some where for sale just a center cup plastic logos for -73 slott wheels? Does the size of another model center cup plastic logo fit to -73 center cups?
  5. HI! Thank you. So there was more bolts inside the bumper... :thankyouyellow: :goodpost:
  6. Hi! How I can take off that rubber skin from bumper metal parts? I take off those bolts under the bumper but the cover dosent't come out.
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