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  1. Would a 17 inch wheel work on a 1971 Mach 1? Does anyone make a magnum 500 in this size?
  2. I have rebuilt a 5.0 out of an 88 Mustang in my 73 Mach 1. Now I have a T5 and all the parts to make the swap. Over New years my son and I plan on doing installing it. I have a lift in my garage and a transmission jack. The old leaky C4 is already out. An tips advice etc. before I start?
  3. I have two Mach 1s a 71 and a 73 neither run at the moment. Work to much of it. And I'm getting older 62. Decided is time I stopped work so hard and spend some quality time in the garage. Plus I have a lot of question Will Autometer gauges fit? How much trouble replacing my tired smoking 180 thousand mile 302 with an 11 thousand mile 5.0 out of a wrecked 87. So I must be in the correct place.
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