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  1. I think this is the best carb you can get on the market today
  2. I went out to your car and nailed these in :P whilst you wernt looking :whistling:
  3. Hell, that happens to you simply by opening up the forum every day, doesn't it? You noticed :P
  4. I've got damp in the middle of the trousers ... :whistling:
  5. Calibrated my oscilloscope So I can look at naughty waveforms doing naughty things Al
  6. Like I said, way out of my price range :( But thanks for the thought. I wonder if we can find a donor vehicle somewhere with good doors.
  7. I think Dynacorn are doing new doors now ... about $600 each ish unless you can replate them
  8. https://7173mustangs.com/wiki/blog/ How many of you go here ??? you never know... YOU could be the next victim ::devil::
  9. I watched a U t00b video and matched these springs with mine --at least in the same amount of turns
  10. Thanks guys I'm going to get under there and see what I've got going on. ...oooh I nearly forgot ...these are for Midlife... :D
  11. Normally a question I ask the wife ... :cool: ... and yes, a sports bra hasn't been invented yet to take the job on. But on this occasion I come to a motley crew of greasy, beered up classic car wrenchers and ask the same damned question. I ask you to read the story fully .... The reason I ask is this... My old shock absorbers were toast when I got this car... you could'nt call them shock absorbers as the pole in the middle could move freely if pushed and pulled by a 4 year old. ...and yet the front end seemed none the wiser... was bouncy on certain country lanes ... but on the whole ok. I swapped out with Monroe shocks at $40 each ... we undid the shock towers and got on with the job. Afterward ... quite honestly, nothing feels any different. TBH the front isn't as tight as I would like. Now, when I look at the stance of my bag of bolts ... I wonder if previous owner got Scott Drake 1" reduced springs on there . Take a look and see what you experts think. anyhow ... it feels too bouncy to me and would wish to tighten it the f**k up any advice, comment would be appreciated ... no matter how rude. all the best Al
  12. Don't ever expect these mousetraps to work either this is as much effort they can muster :-/
  13. ... you missed a bit :P ...seriously, very nice
  14. Love Texas Welcome from the UK ::thumb::

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