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  1. I'm not sure what improvement it provides. ....and I know I'm probably doing a moon at the minister in church on a Sunday saying this... but performance wise, I've had both ... it seems like a lot of effort for what feels like status or 1% increase in advantage to the carb...to me it was over complication with more drawbacks than benefit.
  2. What a stunning colour My fav combination is this with pewter decals
  3. You may be right -- but I'm no good identifying exhaust parts
  4. Firstly ,....If a 351 Cleveland - get a 880 Cold Cranking (CCA) Amp battery second -- the cables to starter motor notoriously break down Then the start relay and key switch can be problematical ... I wish I was with you with my multi meter
  5. Sold ...gone .!! ...........in the hands of a real enthusiast though. ...once again - I'm a 7173 tramp.
  6. Very simple -- go to my youuut000b the red one has long headers -- the green one has original manifolds I like both -- but feel the plumbier sound of the green sportyroof is more exciting
  7. And, pray, what whopping amount of m00lah will be required to find one of these that isn't a smoker, riddled with rust, perished pipes and has a wiring harness held together with insulting tape and bubble gum ?
  8. That does seem to be the process -- find pearls and import ...and as Midlife rightly says - I'm a Limey brit with a problem
  9. Did you hurl yourself out perfectly good aircraft, like our guys in the Parachute regmt?
  10. I'd like to find a vert ...but can never find a nice one., ...the one's I was looking at before needed 5 years and $15,000 worth of work
  11. I'll be back doing research again ... but keeping options open I have to say though, that the 71 - 351C is my all time favourite car.
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