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  1. If the 71-73 variant of Mustang is a land yacht, my Jaguar XK8 is a Container ship. I can tell you this ... I know beauty is in the eye off the beholder... but...FFS ..Heck, I have people in the UK who think Range Rovers are nice to look at ... YEAH! if you like looking at a post office sorting center with a bag of air strategically nailed to each corner. The Larry Shinoda styled 1969/70 to me was far less refined in many ways...especially styling and did look like porky the pig..., but in 1971 we got a better layout, interior and road stance. When the project went back to Gale Halderm
  2. Hi Matt I'm Al Welcome to these forums - nice ride
  3. Not that I like change either ... It's like everything in IT, it evolves ... we like the old one because we were used to it .. but I bet there were many iterations going through the years to improve that version. This new one, as I understand it, provides the upgrade-ability; as it sits with later code. So would suspect this would go through the same evolution to enhance capability. Perhaps some constructive option requests. .
  4. I might be even more of a downer. I've lost my passion for new cars - totally. I find them bland, humdrum, boring and annoying; with interiors offering nothing but an unremitting sea of dark plastic, dreary to own and live with ... like owning a tumble dryer or a washing machine.. the excitement has been all but extinguished. On top of that, the depreciation is so hard you almost pay for the car twice. You may get a kick out of my entry to the blog https://7173mustangs.com/wiki/investment-cars/ I remember being at a motorshow in London and Chevy were showing off the new Camaro
  5. I think Ford threw it in as a knee jerk afterthought - instead of maintaining the same style as the other switches ... the switch I'll put in may not be original - but at least the dash styling when I've finished will be.
  6. Here's the switch I've ordered for mine Peterbilt trucks from same era have a lot to offer.
  7. In this case I'm going to use my engineering skillz to make these out of Peterbilt push pulls - but with Mustang tops (see photo shopped image) - but you get the idea I'm an engineer - I can overcome any obstacle.
  8. How dare people be allowed to live in Texas and not me ...
  9. Not sure ... but I do know this scene...
  10. So what I could do is use the same surround with this through the middle ...no one would ever know at least it will look in time and in keeping with the other switches ...ish https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-FAN-2-SPEED-BILLET-PULL-PUSH-SWITCH-GM-HOLDEN-HOT-ROD-CAR-TRUCK/172917916522?hash=item2842b6036a:g:3c8AAOSwf15Z3KtN
  11. At least it wasn't black, greenish - clear or pink ... that would mean a problem
  12. true but does anyone know the original VIN for this car ? and why were the tyres so skinny? http://www.ponysite.de/pony/bond.htm https://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/product/ford-mustang-mach-1
  13. I'm helping out a friend here Someone's knob is missing and I need one thx Al

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