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  1. plz set up a camera ....that's going on youtube for sure.
  2. Welcome from UK ... and Texas is best ...don't mess with Texas.
  3. Probably the best thing - the quality of work is under your control., and you can carry the knowledge on for other things The toughest thing is managing the equipment and the hot works environment making sure you're not setting fire to yourself, the car or your workshop Get covered up with reinforced kevlar welding gauntlets and a heavy apron so any spit-back isn't going to come into contact with your skin
  4. Awesome, Fabrice, just awesome. love the red idea.
  5. My dear, dear friend and awesome forum member ... there may be an alternative to Halfords rattle can. You look at yer Marti to see what original colour was... Get yours driveable without the detailing and chrome capping I get me guns and compressor out ...(no rude comments) Get it at my place I stick mine under a tarp I wrap the interior of my garage in 3M 1.2mtr wide polyurethane sheet Mask your glass and other bits Put your car in Block the body flat Tak wrag the thing to death Bring internal temp to 40°C - bake car
  6. Hi GTS - when you have finished this - it'll be awesome Are you going to stay with same colour ?
  7. Welcome to these forums - nice car. Love them in Black
  8. Changed my fuel filter today for one with a window... Ohhhh ... so I bet YOU ALL found out what car I was stealing out of the USA and decided to "prank me" by urinating in my tank. I hope you all had a good laugh at my expense ...otherwise , why does my fuel look like piss? Be funny as hell if someone got caught on camera with their knob stuck inside the filler pipe of a Mach 1
  9. Hi got it this morning and took the spines out now I'm ready to form it to the right shape to make my stick hairy
  10. So !!!!!!!!! ...we're in to melting down a horse to get my Mirror ( in best possible American ...."Meeeuuuuurr" ) to stay in place .... right ...where's Trigger, Tornado or Silver, ? ...for all you old has-been's, fed on 1960's TV ....just like meeee
  11. I realized my mistake. as you guys have a mail box We have an item called a letterbox hammered into our front door ... it also means the mail man has to get that extra workout of actually having to use his .... and I realise these are redundant items these days ... "legs".. and stuff huge quantities of "junk mail into said slot. and we use these hairy "draught excluder" things so that you do not lose any house heat when said tax bill is delivered to your door ...or Rocketyfoot's new calendar, which I was delighted with a few months back.
  12. Hi ya'aaall OK now my OCD is getting the better of me again. As you see from pic - I've had both ... can someone please put me out of my misery and explain to me where they are different (body shell, not options list) , because I cant find one thing different or was it another Ford screw up?
  13. Hey Midlife yeah - I have a mirror (in Americanese..."Meeeur" ) to hang back up -- see this pic if its clearer
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