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  1. That caught me out with my Green one -- and this is the problem when a previous owner had also been dicking about with the wiring -- I ordered new and what I got was 2 prong... I tried to install to drivers side and found 3x wires. one terminated out by previous owner... I learned the "don't assume you're working with originality" lesson here.
  2. I wondered why we don't see Rocketfoot much sometimes ... now we know
  3. Oh Boy , very sad -- one of my fav bands, great blues/rock and a great showman. RIP
  4. Isnt that a "funnel web" under your dash ? I Didn't think Aussies did "cars" ... I thought they were still using horse and cart powered by beer fuelled owners. aaaaanyway ...welcome - hope you have a fine time here
  5. Now I wonder why I like that colour
  6. Hi Tony I was worried about one of my fronts - I took the cap off - removed the split pin and rotated the castle 1/4 of a turn and all seems well but another 1000 miles I will replace anyway for peace of mind .
  7. Is it worth trying fabric/cloth tape to give the sliding surface a little skin resistance ?
  8. After 2x years I have thrown it away -- but Jeff - please keep your dollar
  9. Hi - I'm thinking of renewing my box also -- but I believe ( may be wrong here ) that there are many different types/ratios. So very interested in this topic -- hopefully an ex-spurt will drive by soon
  10. The windshield is located at the front of the car and should remain clear so you can see all those people driving their humdrum, puerile, mundane, eye-wateringly boring modern shit-boxes about.
  11. I thought Aussies signalled with a long tube that only plays one note
  12. Hi Moose That is repairable ... an easy piece of work for me -- but may be fiddly and irritating for someone who's not done it before Its done in the same way I rebuild blown track on Printed Circuit Boards in the electronic systems I deal with at work. I don't disagree - its a painstaking, often irritating job. Clean and lap down the faces where it has blown raised areas with tiny diamond tip of a Dremel (small rotary tool) Clean any copper spatter out of the trenches Get slightly oversized diameter copper wire - remove the enamel and make a piece to fit precisely into your gap Place a tiny drop of nail varnish (Yes ....girlie nail varnish) in the gap (clear is best so you can see the substrate you're working on) With tweezers lay the piece into the gap and let the varnish harden (5mins) Solder each end delicately ("Sodder" in Amercanese ) Then flatten to the same surface height by removing excess copper/sodder with fine diamond dip with Dremel Fine polish with wet/dry emery paper voila - a new track
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