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  1. Hi I actually love watching Nascar and actually I had the privilege of driving the 29 Cartoon Network car at Texas Motor Speedway (Team Texas) ...and I'm a Limey Brit so, you guys might want to look at the heritage & history again --- Plus the vehicle, lubricant and tyre development that it has achieved over the decades If I we're yaaawll -- I'd be very proud of it
  2. Hey Johan , Nice to meet you -- hope all is well with you in Sweden ...do you guys still have a global monopoly on pretty girls? Dont you have Volvo trucks ?? .. chop the parts out of one of them I'm joking of course.
  3. I'm wanting to get my hands on this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203307668650 The Epiphone Prophecy Extura Explorer Guitar Husk Black Tiger Burst thru neck Because of my Luthier skills, I can make that super awesome. The reason I'm NOT going for it is because they want more than half the value to ship it to UK -- I've shipped bigger bulkier stuff to UK than this at $180 less...WTF mk1 ! ! ! ! It says it is in "Pencil-Vania" .... sounds like a transvestite bar for writing implements that have a blood thirst ...WTF mk2 They say its at "State College" Pencilvania... so
  4. Well done for finding it - you're going to love breaking your spine in three places to replace fuses - my back still hurts and I replaced one of mine last year
  5. Hi Are you talking exterior or interior -- that feature just below the glass? If your talking about that chrome trim piece that finishes off the window capping - it's all held on with screws It does overlap the trim capping that clips over the rubber
  6. Overheating and/or timing ? ...send your car over here to the UK and I'll check it all out for you ....for a very, very, very long time
  7. One tiny job in my life is designing test equipment - surely a jig can be made that delivers the electrical values and simulated signals that the dash cluster requires.?
  8. HEY ! all you lepers out there in Aaaaamericaaaaa-land Sorry to wreck your day again with another of my dumb posts....but .... Some of you have these fancy twist lock hood pins (see pic) I have been wondering whether it's a good idea having the hood pins like yours. Is is easy to install them? -- what do you do? -- get a cylindrical saw and bore through the paint like a deep core driller? Or do you use use a jack hammer?...or should I just keep hitting a center-punch real hard until it makes a hole?
  9. Look guys -- I'm glad in a way If these cars were so famous - say Marty McFly said the words "...you built a time machine ....out of a Mach 1?" then I wouldn't be able to afford any of them
  10. Yo folks I managed to get a can of spare for my green one -- but not so easy with this according to one's Marti rep -- the number is #3560-A Bright Red ( how imaginative) can it be got hold of in an aerosol ?? any helps would be most appreciated .......as a side note: it also says I have F70x14 White wall tyres .... WELL? they clearly are not, ARE THEY !! ... I'm writing to Ford to complain. <In need of anger management counselling >
  11. Interesting point... In my part of the world it's a paradox - people say "Wow, cool car" , by classic enthusiasts at some of our outdoor shows.. then in the next breath ask "...erm...what is it? " Over here in UK , I think it's a blend of a style/type that has been overlooked and ignorance.
  12. One gripe only !........ the placement of the fusebox What asshat decided that sticking it under the dash, right around the corner at the right hand side tucked up close to the steering column "in the dark", was a good idea? How deranged do you need to be? Why do we have to stand on our heads with a flashlight ? Not only did they mount it in the most galactically stupid place, but they then did mixed condition on physical size and orientation of fuses to make it even more of an encryption When you need to replace/check a fuse it's nice to see which one - the value - the s
  13. Quite right --- that was the French influence to Anglo Saxon -- I totally agree ... I like dropping the "u" ..and that also goes with "humor" and let's not forget that French is the sound of someone trying to speak and hurl up at the same time.
  14. I'm going to pronounce all the other metals the same way Titanium becomes Titanoom Beryillium becomes Berylloom Palladium becomes Palladoom Chromium becomes Chromoom Indium becomes Indoom Lithium becomes Lithoom
  15. Oh Gosh ... May i add my condolences to you and your family. Very sorry to hear this - I wish cancer was something we could eradicate - and as a show of support our family will make a donation to cancer research. all the best Al
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