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  1. New here. Jim from CT. Have a 1972 Mustang Grande 351C CJ w/C6 automatic. In the process of a total restore (and I do mean total). Bought the Mustang at the end of 71. Have a Kwik wire restoration wiring kit but cannot find how to reconfigure the gages for this set.


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    2. Jim 72

      Jim 72

      I checked but am not sure how to do that. I am extremely new to this type of site. I am of the older generation


    3. machattack


      Hi Jim,

      Welcome to the forum from Idaho. Your long journey on the restore will be made easier by the vast knowledge on this forum. If you click the link That Don provided below his name it will take you to the form to fill out.  It basically tells us about you and your car.  I believe you will find many of us on here are of the old fart age. :whistling:   Over time you will learn the system. 

      Again Welcome! 

      Rod....( Mach attack)

    4. Don C

      Don C

      Jim, you can either click on the link in my first response, or go to the upper left of this page, click on 'Browse' and then below that click on 'Forums'. On the new page that shows up click on 'Introductions". Then on the right side of the new page click on 'Start new topic'. That will take you to another page and then give your new topic a title. Then go down below that, in the blank area, and start typing.

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