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  1. I'm not sure what improvement it provides. ....and I know I'm probably doing a moon at the minister in church on a Sunday saying this... but performance wise, I've had both ... it seems like a lot of effort for what feels like status or 1% increase in advantage to the carb...to me it was over complication with more drawbacks than benefit.
  2. What a stunning colour My fav combination is this with pewter decals
  3. You may be right -- but I'm no good identifying exhaust parts
  4. Firstly ,....If a 351 Cleveland - get a 880 Cold Cranking (CCA) Amp battery second -- the cables to starter motor notoriously break down Then the start relay and key switch can be problematical ... I wish I was with you with my multi meter
  5. Sold ...gone .!! ...........in the hands of a real enthusiast though. ...once again - I'm a 7173 tramp.
  6. Very simple -- go to my youuut000b the red one has long headers -- the green one has original manifolds I like both -- but feel the plumbier sound of the green sportyroof is more exciting
  7. And, pray, what whopping amount of m00lah will be required to find one of these that isn't a smoker, riddled with rust, perished pipes and has a wiring harness held together with insulting tape and bubble gum ?
  8. That does seem to be the process -- find pearls and import ...and as Midlife rightly says - I'm a Limey brit with a problem
  9. Did you hurl yourself out perfectly good aircraft, like our guys in the Parachute regmt?
  10. I'd like to find a vert ...but can never find a nice one., ...the one's I was looking at before needed 5 years and $15,000 worth of work
  11. I'll be back doing research again ... but keeping options open I have to say though, that the 71 - 351C is my all time favourite car.
  12. A real enthusiast showed up at my door yesterday - took one look at my gorgeous Stang and offered me m00lah for it. ...............and I said yes???? .... here I go again ....WTF have I done ? ...what I do to get new peeps into these forums ....Rocketyfoot, you owe me a beer. Why is it us guys can get so attached to a piece of steel ?? ...I'm now going to go into the corner of my garage and have a melt down
  13. Welcome ... and you have my fav colour combination arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh ! it's gorgeous.
  14. In my green Sportsroof, I made a mistake and placed new Monroe Shocks....these had me bottoming out at the front - they also turned my 71 into a waterbed I re-loaded with KYB - a bit more expensive ... but definitely a better ride at rear I put gas adjustable to raise the rear 1"
  15. Big welcome and nice project to have My first piece of advice is the base 3 ... Make a list of all the jobs Try and list out all the things each job will require Cost it out - and prepare a budget From these basic steps one can prioritise and plan to take on the mountain of work one piece at a time. And in these forums - no question is a dumb question - loads of people here with a wealth of experience ...don't be afraid to ask
  16. OMG guys -- I'm getting all blubbery -- anyone from the forces - You guys are the tops in our house.
  17. Worst thought is timing chain guides - tensioner shenanigans? Also Inside that front blue block, just behind your watery impeller, is also the lobe for actuating the fuel pump -- is it fuel pump actuator slap back onto the front lobe.. ....has one recently fitted a cheap and cheerful aftermarket fuel pump (c'mon fess up ) ? or is it 50 years old in which case one of the return springs no longer has tension and the actuator is slapping around? Just for information sake... the actuator on the original fuel pumps have spring tension in both directions of the actuator arm... the weezly cheap aftermarket tin-pot one's have only tension back to the lobe - causing slap...the designers, of course, having the IQ of a chair leg and the intellect of a bicycle.
  18. Good job --- I did mine a while back - .. got a mouth full of F type ....YUK ! ! !! pan slipped, ran down arm ... ran into my gaping open face... now Strawberry's taste of Blueberries. WTF !
  19. I have a saying -- "Putting on the uniform is above and beyond -- what they do after that, is astonishing ." If you are from a forces family or been in service directly -- shout out My dad Below - pilot flying Vulcan's out of Waddington, Lincoln, UK. Flt LT Clarke
  20. Serviced my Amplifier because it farted at me in the rudest possible manner when I turned it on Complex electronics should not suffer from chronic flatulence
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