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  1. Clean them and rinse well, then spray dye them. You cannot duplicate original comfortweave, unique finish, your material condition looks fine, just dye it.
  2. Thank you to all who have responded, and a tearfull head bow to all the loved ones that have been taken by this pandemic. I have beaten this, will be considered 100 percent cleared on this sunday, back to work taking x rays, a new found appreciation for life I have. God bless the 71-73 mustang community, It really feels like a family, thank you. LOL When this started I told people Corona residents probably were IMMUNE!!
  3. Well I’m actually feeling pretty good lately I came down about two weeks ago symptoms were alternating evening fever and then a major gas attack. Then I have this weird feeling and quiet breathing and breathing just wanted to stop on its own strange that’s what I tested. If you can keep your O2 level above 80% They wont intubate you, keep deep breathing in through the nose out through the mouth lots of fluids and Gatorade to loosen the phlegm And please wear your mask Let’s not get this virus a chance and anybody else
  4. Oh my God ,LOL 🤣🤣🤣 I needed that story Mac, 🙏
  5. Not Mustang related but is VERY serious,I got Covid 19 this is no joke people don’t believe these selfish morons that don’t wanna wear masks just wear your damn mask protects other people from you I don’t know where the hell I got it but this little bastard just will not leave me alone! so please everybody take this little bugger serious and Get your vaccine shot as soon as it is out don’t be like these idiots who don’t believe in it I just get rid of this damn thing please!!
  6. Interesting note to this- my plates are stamped "428" below-must have been used on earlier 428 c.j. cars.
  7. Correct look for: 1. With a blower attached. 2. If you are a "fast and Furious" fanboy. 3. OR live in Tijuana. ( If 2. or 3. is selected, Spinner hubcaps are a MUST!)
    That color brings back memories of my first car, 71 coupe black vinyl top/medium brown metallic with ginger interior. i used to wonder what Keystone classics would look on her, now I know
  8. Dial in as much positive caster as you can, at least 3.5 degrees, sounds like toe is out, not in.
  9. Try m/t drang radials, world of difference in traction, remember, a taller wheel will give a shorter sidewall=less sidewall flex for acceleration. 17 or 18 inch rims much worse.
  10. If you want it to stop like a new car, go with hydratech`s hydroboost system, will put you through the window with very little pedal effort!!
  11. Does anybody know of brake rotors still made in USA and NOT CHINA??
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