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    71 mach 1 m code, now 521 p51 head, c6, 4.10 9 inch, bright blue metallic argent stripes, factory pewter/stripe car, sport seat, street show 3950lb. w/driver, 11.56@ 119m.p.h. quarter.


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  1. look up drop in gas tank memo "let em burn!" OR when warned by engineers pinto diff bolts needed a small brace to prevent gas tank mishaps, said "not a penny over sticker price"
  2. Can a late 71-72-73 dome lamp assembly fit a earlier 71 location? I cannot find a listing for l.e.d. bulb for early bulb conversion.
  3. Those lines and fittings look original ,or just old. Now is the time to throw a complete new set of hoses and compressor valves, filter, and then vacuum that sucker down at home!! If it holds 30 inches for 30 min., fill er back up with some 134 and leak dye yourself. The sanden will work much better and are quieter less h.p. loss, unless you want o.e.m. look.
  4. Steve, when I've reinstalled the steering box, all I do is add sufficient FORD type "F" ATF fluid to the pump then start the engine. Before I do that, I like to raise the front wheels just off the ground to make it easier to turn lock to lock with the help of an 'assistant' (wife). With the engine warmed up and running, I get my 'assistant' to turn LTL several times to bleed the air out of the box while adding fluid carefully. It is important not to go too fast as air needs to escape (you'll make one hell of a mess if you don't). I take my time, but I've had no issue doing it this way. After I get most of the air out, I'll test drive it around the block, left and right turns and that should get any remaining air out. Check the fluid level when hot. If the belt is not yet installed, you can turn the pulley by hand and that will at least get it started. As for tightening the belt, yeah I'm guilty of doing the pry bar bit on the case, but fortunately, i got lucky, no damage. Oh, forgot, before installing the box, I add as much fluid as possible through the return port, just to make sure there is some lubrication on the spool valve. I just feel better knowing it's not too dry in there. That's what I do, other's may have different methods. EDIT: Damn, I've got to learn to type faster, lol. Use power steering fluid, atf will foam up and sqeaul.
  5. Does anyone know if a taller 429 series engine all clear a flat hood? I know the Mach 1 ram air style hoods have a cut out underneath for the ram air chamber and they also have a dome shaped hood they look like they were a couple inches taller. On
  6. True. But the car was insured for $34k. Cost me $5k to get back. So I get the car and $29k. So it’s not too bad. To be honest, my friend, come to ca. /az. to pick up a rust free mach, switch all your good parts for a great new car life. Your car gave up her life for you, :angel: think of the swap as a heart transplant, she will always live on in a new body. I am a health care professional, sorry for the medical outlook, as long as you are not injured, that is all that mattered. Long live your mach 2.0!!! My mach was born pewter/stripe car, your first photos broke my heart, too, memories of my long gone parents, ect. God bless, stevo.
  7. Sounds like adjusters installed wrong side(s) I did this once. also, make sure return springs are new and play with them to see if they return spring. Are cylinders new? You could get a brake pressure gauge and see differences of L to R pressure .
  8. Not sure if the stock Lincoln ones fit, but suspect they might (there are several variations thru the years, early ones are most compact). But the 429 PI manifolds do fit well in my 73 with 460 and appear to be a better flowing design without header headaches. Nothing to modify beyond adding header pipes to mate to existing 351c dual exhaust. Not sure if the PI manifolds are hard to find anymore, but a few years back they came up on EBay now and then.. Hedman husler , get them from summit, if they don`t fit them You send em` back. I REALLY wanted fpa`s to work on mine, head flange bolts were WAY off, Steering box TOTALLY would not clear, was told " engines were offset from factory" yeah, right. BUT fpa makes lots of cool oddbal pipes for all ford combos, so I don`t know what to tell ya :D
  9. I once had same issue, There is a curved tab on float hinge that contacts needle. if this tab gets bent down or bent up, the float will either will flood or deprive carb of fuel. You will know this is happening if you have too little or too many theads engaging lock nut. Also holley needle and seat assemblies seem to be VERY sensitive to any little gremlins! squirt some silicone spray on em to lubricate, little gaskets too. If anybody wants to see if carb is leaking, place on bench, elevated 2 inches, fill up bowls with fuel and see where it leaking beneath from. put some food coloring in it to help spot leaks too. ::thumb::
  10. Boefore- everybody don`t forget the antennae cable, you have to snake it through behind dash with speaker harness after dash install before window so much easier.
  11. Too flat, would look better with a bead roller , along the edges perhaps, nowadays, someone could stamp/emboss? a MACH 1 logo on it. It would pop then. I would buy one . ( cool tool holder/snack tray for shows) ::thumb::
  12. Sure, If only I could fond some FREAKIN` hand sanitizer lollerz
  13. Just noticed this, only a year later lollerz Why does that blue mach look so familiar :chin:

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