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  1. That is NOT a pcv filter it is passenger side valve cover to air cleaner engine breather fitting. The pcv goes straight to carb baseplate.
  2. Do our cars use a horn relay like earlier mustangs?
  3. Do our cars use a horn relay like earlier models?

    1. Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs


      One thing I do not know is the electrical. I do think you have a relay. 


  4. push rod OR conn. rod?? Learn to work on own old car, old car mechanics cheap+honest+good =hen`s teeth. As for rearend, try quick performance in mid west, NOT CURRIE ENTERPRISES!! Home > Ford 9 Inch (9" Ford) > Complete Center Sections FORD 9" COMPLETE CENTER SECTION / THIRD MEMBER Part Number F9C
  5. Don't let this happen to you: Think about this for a second. We are building cars with very capable suspensions using modern, sticky radial tires on 50+ year old spindles. I doubt the Ford engineers could ever dream of the loads we would be putting through spindles designed for skinny bias ply tires. This is not the knob on your radio were talking about. If this part fails its going to ruin your day. Details
  6. All drum spindles use weaker, smaller spindles, large diameter 18"+rims put too much stress there, ford was breaking boss spindles on test track in 69 with f60-15 tires, reason for larger 1970 up disc brake spindle/outer bearing.
  7. They ARE two different size wires on my 71. The jumper takes power to second horn, horns are grounded on bracket-no ground wire.
  8. Well, I tried one on a f.i. factory 99 g.t. with a add-on procharger, and it would swing back and forth on reading at all but full throttle. Get a A.E.D. wide band, more accurate, my 2 cents.
  9. look up drop in gas tank memo "let em burn!" OR when warned by engineers pinto diff bolts needed a small brace to prevent gas tank mishaps, said "not a penny over sticker price"
  10. Can a late 71-72-73 dome lamp assembly fit a earlier 71 location? I cannot find a listing for l.e.d. bulb for early bulb conversion.
  11. Those lines and fittings look original ,or just old. Now is the time to throw a complete new set of hoses and compressor valves, filter, and then vacuum that sucker down at home!! If it holds 30 inches for 30 min., fill er back up with some 134 and leak dye yourself. The sanden will work much better and are quieter less h.p. loss, unless you want o.e.m. look.
  12. Steve, when I've reinstalled the steering box, all I do is add sufficient FORD type "F" ATF fluid to the pump then start the engine. Before I do that, I like to raise the front wheels just off the ground to make it easier to turn lock to lock with the help of an 'assistant' (wife). With the engine warmed up and running, I get my 'assistant' to turn LTL several times to bleed the air out of the box while adding fluid carefully. It is important not to go too fast as air needs to escape (you'll make one hell of a mess if you don't). I take my time, but I've had no issue doing it this way. After I
  13. Does anyone know if a taller 429 series engine all clear a flat hood? I know the Mach 1 ram air style hoods have a cut out underneath for the ram air chamber and they also have a dome shaped hood they look like they were a couple inches taller. On

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