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  1. Well, sounds like b.s. since steel cranks came only on boss 429`s
  2. If you had to drill holes then you have a big cam. Vacuum advance will help run better FULL manifold vacuum, stick a allen wrench into can to adjust. Set up carb screws as previous posters, then play with idle speed with ca. Contrary to popular belief high timing at idle will NOT cause overheating, II run 12 degrees can advance + 22initial, 34 total= 46 total with can at speed ,runs great, hit the gas and vacuum goes away, ported vacuum was for emissions, not drivability, try it out, what you have to lose?
  3. Ohio mustang supply now carries reproductions.
  4. Man, that is great, thank you for getting that bezel reproduced.
  5. Ohhh. I like it it’s going to look Pitchin with black stripes Tutone Hood and chrome magnums
  6. Argent lower paint treatment, then it is done, very classy look, love the wheels, 1973 like. Bitchin cleveland power, I love the hydr roller conversion, now more flat cam lobes. Cleveland rocks!!. Seriously, always wanted to go black /argent, way better with no hockey stripes, perfect look
  7. Man, that looks light years more comfortable than our stock seats.
  8. These last two comments r2 funny!! Believe it or not some people in socal "heard" about corona beer COID cures!! Smart people in the I.E.!!
  9. I would add some scat rods-you never know about the stock rod lifespan with a 4 speed, and no one will ever know the difference.
  10. Thanks, I forgot about Hobby Lobby, I will check them out.
  11. Sounds like same problems in fi tech. All these systems VERY sensitive to bad grounds, connections, high voltage static.

    They do not like 110 degree lobe center cams or low engine vacuum.

    1. Fordboy71


      Thanks. I installed a new replacement unit today and she runs good. It’s gonna take a while to really fine tune things though.

    2. B229218


      Nice I’m glad that new unit worked out for you do you know What cam lobe center your cam is ? I was just curious I would like to update to a fuel injection one day too, merry Christmas

  12. Anybody out there know of universal sources for bulk woodgrain that closely matches our deluxe door panel inserts?
  13. Clean them and rinse well, then spray dye them. You cannot duplicate original comfortweave, unique finish, your material condition looks fine, just dye it.
  14. Thank you to all who have responded, and a tearfull head bow to all the loved ones that have been taken by this pandemic. I have beaten this, will be considered 100 percent cleared on this sunday, back to work taking x rays, a new found appreciation for life I have. God bless the 71-73 mustang community, It really feels like a family, thank you. LOL When this started I told people Corona residents probably were IMMUNE!!
  15. Well I’m actually feeling pretty good lately I came down about two weeks ago symptoms were alternating evening fever and then a major gas attack. Then I have this weird feeling and quiet breathing and breathing just wanted to stop on its own strange that’s what I tested. If you can keep your O2 level above 80% They wont intubate you, keep deep breathing in through the nose out through the mouth lots of fluids and Gatorade to loosen the phlegm And please wear your mask Let’s not get this virus a chance and anybody else
  16. Oh my God ,LOL 🤣🤣🤣 I needed that story Mac, 🙏
  17. Not Mustang related but is VERY serious,I got Covid 19 this is no joke people don’t believe these selfish morons that don’t wanna wear masks just wear your damn mask protects other people from you I don’t know where the hell I got it but this little bastard just will not leave me alone! so please everybody take this little bugger serious and Get your vaccine shot as soon as it is out don’t be like these idiots who don’t believe in it I just get rid of this damn thing please!!
  18. Interesting note to this- my plates are stamped "428" below-must have been used on earlier 428 c.j. cars.
  19. Correct look for: 1. With a blower attached. 2. If you are a "fast and Furious" fanboy. 3. OR live in Tijuana. ( If 2. or 3. is selected, Spinner hubcaps are a MUST!)
    That color brings back memories of my first car, 71 coupe black vinyl top/medium brown metallic with ginger interior. i used to wonder what Keystone classics would look on her, now I know
  20. Dial in as much positive caster as you can, at least 3.5 degrees, sounds like toe is out, not in.
  21. Try m/t drang radials, world of difference in traction, remember, a taller wheel will give a shorter sidewall=less sidewall flex for acceleration. 17 or 18 inch rims much worse.
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