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  1. Hallo aus dem Norden ( Oldenburg ). Hier sind mehrere Deutsche im Forum und alle sind sehr nett und hilfsbereit. Gruß Claus
  2. Use Valvoline VR 1 Racing 5W50...1200 ppm ZDDP.
  3. Welcome from Germany. Like the black hood , great ! Claus
  4. ::welcome:: from Germany ,too ! Zeig uns mal Bilder von Deinem Mustang...we need :coolphotos: Gruß Claus
  5. Yes...the "Indy 500 " letters are the greatest I ever seen on a tire... ::thumb::
  6. Thanks guys, I`m very sad to hear that they are not still available...:-/ The Avengers looks great ,too. I will keep an eye of them. Thanks Claus
  7. Hey, I just fall in love with the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires ( 235/60 - 15 ). Are they still available ? :chin: I didn `t found a dealer who sell this tire. Thanks Claus
  8. If I would do it again I would change to the `71 grill without lights. Claus
  9. Hello Andreas Welcome from Germany I like the stripe and the tail-lights,looks good ! Ich habe auch die Shelby-Tail -Lights verbaut. Steht dem Wagen ausgezeichnet ! Gruß Claus
  10. http://www.pertronix.com/support/tips/
  11. Hi, for Pertronix 1 the ballast resistor kable (9V)to + connection is ok. The Pertronix 2 need full 12 V. You have to use a set-up with a relay. Claus
  12. You don`t need the Fender.... http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=66efbd-1430150281.jpg Claus
  13. OK,thanks for answers. I`ll check the wires and float level at first. Good idea to raise the car on left side to see what happens,Don ! I`ll tell you if I locate anything. Thanks a lot. :) Claus
  14. Hello, I`ve got a strange issue with my motor. If I`m driveing in a rotary traffic or do a sharp left turn with my 302,the motor die off prompt. When I full stopped the car at a crossroad and turn left slowly,no problems. It`s only at left turn ! :huh: So I think about centrifugal forces ? Got a 302 ,Edelbrock 500,Edelbrock Performer Manilold,Pertronix Ign. Looking forward for answers. Thanks Claus
  15. Ich wohne in Oldenburg,in der Nähe von Bremen. Gruß Claus
  16. Hi Jürgen, welcome from Germany....:D Schöner Mach 1...gefällt mir. Viel Spaß hier im Forum. Gruß Claus
  17. Welcome from Germany. Nice Car !
  18. Hello Augie, ::welcome:: to the Forum. Germany love your Car. Claus
  19. Hi Mark, welcome from Germany. ::welcome::
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