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  1. Is the clock still available? I'm in Grand Prairie.
  2. My Mach 1 was built in May 1973 with an AM/8Track and has the teardrop telescoping antenna
  3. I have a set for sale with correct size tires if anyone is interested, $1,500.00.
  4. I would be interested in the temp gauge. LMK please.
  5. Can't remember if I had "officially" introduced myself to the group or not... Paul Cavins here from DFW, TX. I've had many mustangs over the years, many '69-'70 Mach 1's back in the day. The pinnacle being a '69 Mach1, Black Jade, 428CJ, 4spd, factory A/C. That car was nuts! My current ride is a '73 Q Code Mach 1 Yellow/Ginger that was sold new at Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas. This is a highly optioned car (A/C, power windows, tilt, fold down, deluxe int, etc.). It's an original 95k car which drives out nicely. My goal is to get this car in shape to drive frequently and that includes installation of an AOD this month.
  6. I would be interested as my '73 came with an AM/8-Track. How much?
  7. upload imagesHello all, I have a ready to bolt on set of 1973 OE slotted rims with repo Firestone Wide Ovals for sale. The rims have been on this car since new. I've installed some Cragar S/S's on my '73 Q-Code now.. Only one wheel has minor scuff on the lip, the rest are in excellent shape. Looking for $1500 for the set w/ lugs. I'm in the DFW, TX area. Email to cavnav90@juno or msg here if interested, thanks! Paul.
  8. Same here, I purchased the bushings, diffuser, and black plate. Only issue is that even with the new diffuser installed, I still see a white light at night
  9. I'm looking for the trunk lid torsion rods, are they available?
  10. Do you have the rectangular space saver spare tire bracket that would be spot welded on the passenger side of the trunk (for cars that had a fold down rear seat)?
  11. Taking a chance here - you still have the slotted wheels?
  12. Polished, no dent or dings. $150 plus ship. Thanks.
  13. I would also check the fuel vent tube where it comes up on the passenger side firewall to make sure it’s either capped off or connected to the fuel vapor canister. The previous owner of my car removed the canister and never plugged the vent line. It took me awhile to figure out the source of the gas smell
  14. You still looking? I have a set that I'll sell.
  15. Great information, thanks to all for your replies!!!!
  16. Good morning all! In my quest to recreate my '73 Mach back to OEM specs (nuts, bolts, missing items), and to ensure everything works as it should, can anyone tell me: 1. Engine to firewall ground strap, mine's missing - What type of wire is used? I know that it bolts to the back of passenger side head and then to where on the firewall? I couldn't find any existing holes on the firewall directly behind the head. Only thing I saw was a somewhat loose screw that holds the clamp that supports the brake line lower on the firewall in that area. 2. I have a Holley 4160 carb w/ electric choke. Prev owner connected the 12v directly to the coil. According to the Holley installation manual this is a huge no no as it could cause a myriad of issues with the ignition system, gauges, etc.. Where is the best place to connect the choke to a key activated 12v source? Thanks much for y'all support! And yes, I did do a search on the forum(s) for these questions prior to my post...
  17. Hi, do you have the space saver mounting bracket?
  18. Thanks everyone for your responses! Love this site! ::thumb::
  19. Yep, I've seen that before. ::thumb::
  20. Thanks much for your reply. Would you happen to have a pic of the emissions sticker? Any idea if is reproduced? Regarding my seat belts, both the front and rear lap belts in my car are Ginger color. However, one of the previous owners removed the shoulder belts (I had to assume that they were Ginger as well) so I had to look long and hard to find a set of "Ginger' colored shoulder belts (black-not so hard to find). I happened to come across a new NOS Ginger belt assy.
  21. Good morning all! I have questions regarding a couple of options that are listed on the Marti report for my '73 Mach (build date of 06/73). Option: California Emissions Testing (what's this?) Option: Deluxe Seat Belts (I have the Ginger interior, all of my belts are Ginger in color w/ seatbelt warning connections for front lap belts, is this part of the upgraded seat belt option?. Most 71-73's I see have black seat belts) Thanks, Paul
  22. My car is a '73. However, the original 2v heads were swapped at some point for 4v heads. Am I okay with these valve covers?
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