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  1. Hi! Not my first time here, but pulled the trigger on a 73 302 Sportsroof. Not a original matching numbers car by any means, restored and modified. Car has been 100% apart. Everything is brand new. Drivetrain is now a 347 Stroker full roller engine, 5 speed manual, centerforce clutch and 3:55 rear gears.
  2. Hi from Norway[emoji12] Welcome!...great place for 71-73 owners.[emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. As usual, not too many 71-73 to see. Very bad summer as well, so not been to many car shows:(
  4. The Boss 351 Facebook page is very good place for B351 info....high activity and a lot of knowledge. Also you could get some info on the Boss 351 forum ( same place as Boss 302 forum ) http://www.boss302.com/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=rpc13top3clj5k156dhs3fq4o2&
  5. T-K


    Hello and welcome::thumb::
  6. Nice Saturday in Bergen, Norway!
  7. Well.....sleeping and cooling off helped......sometimes you have see how things work:) Snapped on a new locking "clip/ring" on the cylinder, but i think a new one is needed, but for now its ok!
  8. So my passenger side door lock cylinder started spinning around.....i pulled the door panel and the locking "clip" had popped out...not on the rod that opens and locks the door but on the arm attached to the cylinder. Not easy to see and its no straight angle to slide the locking "clip" back on. Do i need to pull the door handle and door lock cylinder or is patience and anger management enough to snap it back on:) On my 69 it was easy, but on the 71 its no room for my big hands:)
  9. Here in Bergen we are about 8-9 7173`s, that use our cars. Actually its 3 Boss 351 `s here, mine, one yellow and one Blue! Photo of me entering the car show:) With my girlfirend an 2 daughters in the rear seat, 14 and 2 years old:)
  10. My list: -1971 Boss 351 -1971 429 SCJ -1970 Shelby Convertible -2003 Cobra "terminator" -2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake -2013 Boss 302 -1993 Cobra -2004 Mach1 -1968 S-code FB -1969 Boss 429
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