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  1. My marti report says the same thing...rear deck spoiler ..dont think all mach 1's got them...some people added them later. [quote=T-K;390 Ya..Thats pretty typical missing carb and alternator....The 4300d is a spendy carb cause alot of people threw them away for a replacement holley...i got mine in a box under my computer desk..lol...there good carbs thou..pony carbs make some good replacements....You will never find the original matching carb...Ford serial matched them too the cars..Unlike chevy...you can find a boss carb..but wont ever be totaly original..and the boss carb sells for about 3500 bucks or more...eeeeek..lol<~~atleast last time i looked..lol but that is a pretty car..defenatly find some one close to check it out for you I think also the rear deck spoiler was a option, seen many without. Not sure if it was standard on Boss, seen some with and some without. So i have been told, very expensive, if you even find one. I have emailed the owner, and he sent me a couple of more pics, but it will still not be the same as having it inspected. As i am in the market for a 71/72 Mach1 M-code, i found this one interesting. Looks like 71 /72 Mach 1`s in the condition im looking for is selling for good prices, this being a Boss doesnt help on the price:whistling: To pay big money for a Boss, i think its very important that all the codes and parts are #matching. Maybe someone from his area reads this post and takes a look at it:D TK
  2. Hello! Anyone here who have seen this car or know anything about it? I did se the for sale-add at cars-on-line first, and now it`s listed on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-FORD-MUSTANG-BOSS-351-/150671184027?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item2314b3d09b#v4-41 http://www.cars-on-line.com/47834.html Looks clean on the pictures, but missing original carb and alternator. If someone in this area knows the car, and have time to take a look at it i would appreciate it:) Torgeir Norway
  3. A warm welcome. Thanks guys, good to be here!
  4. Hello! My name is Torgeir, 31 years old from Norway. Grew up with american classics and muscle cars, and my father picked me up in a Mustang at the hospitale when i was born ( a looong time ago ):D I currently dont have a horse, i sold my 70 Mach1 earlier this year. I am now looking for a 71/72 Mach1. I am looking in Norway and on the internet worldwide, but seems a little hard to find a perfect one. So i will use this winter looking for the right 71/72 Mach1 for me, just love the 71 - 73 Mustangs. My dream is of course a 1971 BOSS 351....but then again its a different pricetag:)
  5. Hello! Want to buy a 1971 Mach1, or 1972. It has to be very very good, both mechanical and cosmetic. ( almost show condition:rolleyes:) It must have: -351 C 4v -factory tach -center console -fold down rear seat -black interior -grabber blue or black with silver paint ( red and black is ok if its a perfect car) I live in Norway and im new to this forum. Any tips would be apreciated. Thanks Torgeir Klokkerhaug
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