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  1. Let me know if you have NOS wiper arms and blades:)
  2. So finally i have done the deal, owning a 71 Mustang and on top of that its a Boss 351:D Im leaving offshore tomorrow so wont get the Boss home for another two weeks or so. No concourse restored show car, but very nice and original with one repaint. Needs some detailing and touch up. Grabber Green Metallic and matching numbers drivetrain. http://www.mustangandfords.com/featured-vehicles/mump-0208-1971-ford-mustang-boss-351-review/
  3. Very Nice::goodjob:::goodpost:
  4. My guess is if its not listed on the Marti, it wont be on the window sticker either! You never know, but your AC and RamAir seem to have been added . Im not sure, but think the Marti confirms how the car was ordered and left from Ford, and no dealer added options will be mentioned on the Marti .
  5. MASCAR is about one hour drive from LA, they have done some nice cars. http://www.mascarauto.com/classic.php
  6. Just read the whole post....this sucks! Im glad you are getting your engine rebuild and they are paying for the work! Good luck, build here nasty but street friendly ::devil::::thumb::
  7. Hello from Norway and ::welcome::
  8. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!
  9. Hi all 71/73 Mustang friends! My first introduction thread is closed due to inactivity the last....well....i think two years...maybe more. The admins here are great, and actually gave me a friendly reminder that i had no activity on the forum and wondered if everything was ok with me..WOW....thats what makes this place so great! Anyhow....short update......: Never got around to get my 71/73, but still they are the Mustangs i like the most...and my dream car is 1971 Boss 351. My friend has a 72 Q code with manual transmission, i got to drive here last summer.....makes me want a 71/73 even more:D Last time i was here i had a 70 M code Mach1. 4 speed...got sold. bought 86 Fox with stroker engine, 2005 Mustang GT and 69 Mustang Convertible after that....Fox is sold, the 2005 GT is sold and 69 is up for sale. Cars is sold to finally get my 71 Boss 351.....since we havent closed the deal yet, and probably need a few more weeks to come to an agreement and inspect the car....im not having to high hopes, but the car is very correct and "original" with all must have Boss parts! So...with this i hope to participate more on this forum again, i have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks Torgeir
  10. Like Don says: 63R = Mach1 4N = Aqua Blue AW = Standard bucket seats, white Stripes only available in black and argent. I have seen Aqua Blue cars With argent stripes, but i think the only way to be sure what the car was ordered With is a Marti Report.
  11. Hello! A long time since i have posted anything, but now my 70 Mach1 is sold and im looking for a 71 M-Code....again:) Im also checking out a 71 Boss 351 here in Norway, if that doesnt work out im happy to here about any 71 M code Mach1`s for sale. I prefere: -Black, Grabber Blue, Grabber Green/Dark green paint -Black interior -Deluxe interior -No AC No Projects or rust-buckets, must be high quality car.
  12. I will also recomend Don at OMS. Other then that i have very good experiense with NPD ( www.npdlink.com ), great customer service, good parts and fast shipping. I import my parts to Norway, and Roy at NPD is great.
  13. Great cars! Check out his shop: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mascar-Modern-Classic-Autobody-Paint-Repair/144748208954595?fref=ts http://www.mascarautobodyandpaint.com/
  14. T-K


    Hello and welcome from Norway!:)
  15. I dont know too much about oil "brands" offered in USA. Some of the brands we also have here in Norway, and one of those are Joe Gibbs. On my 351 C 4v i use Dynacat 20/50 mineral oil, runs about 1100-1200 ppm zink. Joe Gibbs have also that amount of zink, if not more. And also the balance between additives is correct ( stated by themselves) I believe no zink additives will make up for the real zink from back in the days, its a reason why its forbidden. The same with lead gasoline. No problem running synthetic oil on our old engines, but often we change oil and filter very often, so there is no need in synthetic oil, just waisting more money. Syntetic oil contains more "cleaning" additives, and are made for lasting for longer intervals. I will always run 20/50 mineral oil with enough zddp on my old engine(s), but the day i rebuild with roller cam and ++++, i might run synthetic . I also have a 86 GT with 349 stroker,alu. heads, roller cam ++++ fuel injected. I run 10/30 Mineral on that one as well, but i change oil and filter often on my cars.
  16. Hello and welcome from Norway!:)
  17. T-K


    Hello and welcome from Norway:)
  18. Hello and welcome from Norway!:)
  19. Hello and welcome from Norway!:)
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