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  1. OOOPSS:)lollerzrofl I bet you got a taste of the ::devil::
  2. Oil Brand Name: Joe Gibbs Website: http://joegibbsdriven.com/ CAM Manufacturer: Crower and Crane Recommendation: Joe Gibbs Website: http://www.crower.com/prelube-cam-lifter-1-oz.html http://www.cranecams.com/breakin.php
  3. Hello and welcome from Norway!:) Congrats on your second Boss351:)...and yes....we love pictures:)
  4. I also had an early meeting with the7173`s. My father picked me and my mom up at the hospital when i was borned, in his 71 Sportsroof with 302. Just after that he sold his 71 Sportsroof with 302 to his brother ( my uncle ),and bought a 71 Grande with 351 C 2v. So for the next 3 years we had two 7173`s running in our family. Im convinced thats why i favour these models:) I was actually looking at my photo-album from my first 3 years yesterday, and found some nice pictures of me besides both cars. I tracked down the Grande, its in nice driving condition to this day, with same orignal color,interior and drivetrain. My uncles 71 Sportsroof i didnt find, other than it has not been registrated since 1983.
  5. Hello and welcome from Norway:)
  6. Hello and welcome from Norway:)
  7. No, not at all. I also think that no car is worth that kind of money! Thinking back when the Mustang was born, it was a car for everybody. The prices here in Norway for Mustangs are very high, almost rediculous. With that said the 71/73 are still cheaper then the older Mustangs. Also the chance of finding a "show condition" 71/73 is hard, and here in Norway you have to pay around$25.000 - $30.000 for a running car that needs some work. The Boss351 and 429, and also 72 R code is worth a little extra, but not $100.000.
  8. Hello and welcome from Norway!:)
  9. Hello and welcome from Norway:)
  10. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  11. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!:)
  12. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!:)
  13. Hello and welcome from Norway!:)
  14. Hello and welcome from Norway:)
  15. Hello and welcome from Norway:)
  16. Congrats:) Got our second daughter 5 weeks ago:), drove her home from the hospital in my Mach1:)
  17. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  18. Hello and welcome:) That color combo is one of my favourite!
  19. Thanks for sharing pictures and video:) Looked like a nice cruise and your Boss looks beautiful:)
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    Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
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