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  1. I also use NGK V power on my 351 Cleveland 4v
  2. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  3. Helleo and ::welcome:: from Norway! Looks good:)
  4. Same here, glad you and your son is OK. The Mustang can be fixed....::thumb::
  5. Very cool:) Hello and welcome from Norway!
  6. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!
  7. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!
  8. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  9. My first Mustang was a 70 Mach1, and when i got my Marti report , it didnt match the car, and the last owner had changed the car. I bought it white with black striping and red interior, it was supposed to be Calypso coral red with white interior. The Windsor was swapped with a cleveland and the rear end was swapped from 9" to 8". I liked the car very much, but atfer seeing the Marti report i couldnt think of anything but changing it back to match its numbers....:)), so i wish i never saw it:))) If you are happy with the car and like it, it doesnt matter at all:)
  10. +1 on what OMS said. My friend used 36 hours on mine:) Wetsanding,polishing, wax and sealer. I would also recomend using a Coating Thickness Measurement instrument ( short of a better name for it). You dont want to wetsand thru the clearcoat or the base for that matter. My car looks like its just painted...very nice result, all clearcoat stripes went away as well:)
  11. Didnt know about that one, only the fan page.
  12. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!
  13. These are hard to get, looks in decent shape as well. The "chrome" trim it self cost over $200, and since the rocker panel it self is unavailable as repro the reserva isnt that bad...
  14. Anybody experienced a similar problem? It is a 70 Mach1. Power steering function only to the left:idea: New correct oil, no air in system, small "whistle" in pump when wheels are straight, whistle goes away when i turn the wheels.
  15. RIP Carroll Shelby, a great legend has left us! http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2012/05/auto-legend-carroll-shelby-father-of-cobra-dies/1
  16. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  17. A Boss 351 would be highest on the list, but as 4x4 says...as an investment car.:) Since i like to drive my cars i would have ordered: -1971 M code Mach1 ( 351 C 4v ) Ram Air -C6 transmission -3:50 trac loc -tilt -PS and PB -Sport seat and interior ( Black ) -Tach -Conveniance group -Console -Rear spoiler -15 " Magnum 500 Color Grabber blue with argent stripes
  18. Mine have similar problem, havent had time to work it out yet. I believe there is a valve inside the pump?, might be the valve sticking/not opening correct?... correct me if wrong:)
  19. ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  20. Hello and welcome from Norway!
  21. Me and my family are planning a trip for the 50th birthday. Hard to pick a place, Las Vegas or Charlotte , and i think MCA mentioned a summer event as well:) At least we know there is a event from April 16th thru April 20th both in east and west:)
  22. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!:)[/align]
  23. :D I was looking into a 72 H code, no matching numbers car, here in Norway. Car was really nice. Converted from Norwegian Krone to American $ he asked $52.000.:whistling: You can get a decent 71-73 Mach1 from $25.000 in Norway , will need work to be nice , but a ok daily driver. "Perfect" one( if a old car can get perfect:) ) will cost you more than $35.000,closer to $40.000, if the owner even will sell his car. The 25% VAT + + + , has to take som blame, and of course people use money on theyre cars to upgrade or restore. The labor/working hours a owner puts down really never pays back in money.
  24. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway![/align]
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