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  1. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!:)
  2. ::goodjob:: Car looks and sound great! Color is nice also::thumb::
  3. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  4. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway! Nice ride:)
  5. Hello and ::welcome:: from Norway!:)
  6. Hehe...From October to April its winter here, and the salt on the roads makes it impossible to drive our stangs at that period. But from late April to September its alright:))) The gas price right now are insane, about $2.50 - $2.70 pr. liter ( or $10 pr. gallon):whistling:
  7. ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  8. Nothing worse than backorder parts when you need them and the weather is nice. I hate backorders, half my order is backorder, the rest is sent and of course my card is charged, and now i have to pay for shipping 2 times:(( (Norway)
  9. Is the MCA National Show 2014 a happening regarding to the Mustang 50th year anniversary?
  10. Im on Facebook:D Lots of negative things about Facebook, but also many good things as well. I use it to connect with other people with the same passion for American cars, share som pics and music. Im not one of those who updates my "status" every 15 minutes and letting everybody know im going in the shower or what im having for dinner:):) I have set up my profile/account settings the way i feel is best for me.
  11. Enjoy your trip, and we are looking forward to your next Q March 17:)
  12. ::welcome:: from Norway!
  13. ::welcome:: from Norway!
  14. ::welcome:: from Norway!
  15. WOW::thumb:: Great reward.....better stay focused on this weeks Q:))
  16. Sending my prayers to all involved! I use helicopter to and from work offshore every 4th week, the worst i could think of happening is trouble with the helicopter! Again...thoughts and prayers go out to all involved!
  17. Man thats just too early! 66 is no age! Had som great songs those monkey`s:)
  18. T-K


    ::welcome:: from Norway:)
  19. [quote So once again our 7173 site really shows me how great it is to be a small part of all these enthusiastic and helpful mustang nuts. I think that, that is something that "TopStangs" can't count about our site, even if they could count by ones. Isn`t that the truth! Great place to be::thumb::
  20. ::welcome:: from Norway! Godd luck with your 73:)
  21. lollerz WOW!...this one will get the party startedrofl
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