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  1. Thank you again. My daughter purchased a Fluidampr for me as a gift. She saw I was struggling with this issue. Dan
  2. Thank you. that is what i needed to know. Dan
  3. I am looking for a chromed Harmonic Balancer for a 302. searching Summit Racing, this is the only one i found. Not sure if this is correct. Can anyone steer me in the correct direction and is the PowerForce a good quality replacement? Thanks, Dan
  4. The ones on my vert have been broken and the prior owner decided to melt down the broken ends so it looked somewhat natural; as if to show that they never were part of the upper window seals. This is what was throwing us. Don has them and we'll be ordering shortly. thanks
  5. My back seals on the doors are torn and worn and do not go down to the bottom. All i have is a small strip along the bottom of the doors that reaches onto the sides by 4 to 5 inches.
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can get a set of new weatherstrips for the bottom of the doors on a 73 Vert? The ones on the door 'do not' extend up to the window seals. I've checked numerous places but they all include the seals as a portion of the weatherstrip. The photo below shows the end of the weatherstrip on the passenger door. Thanks
  7. I'm replacing mine in a few weeks with EZ-on. https://ezonauto.com/
  8. with the block all attached, am i able to change out the rings without undoing all the lines and taking the unit out? I already struggled all day in getting this in and buttoned up. It looks like i can get to the inner piston and o-rings through the upper Master Cylinder fitting for the front brakes ??? Is this correct?
  9. After having installed new brake lines and connected them to the distribution block, ( D2ZA 2B328 AA X ) I finally isolated where a single leak was coming from and it happens to be the brake warning switch. It is a good leak and I am positive fluid is coming out of this particular port. All other lines are dry. Isn't this suppose to be a dry cavity with no brake fluid in there whatsoever? If it is, why do i have fluid here and how do I fix the problem? Thanks, Dan
  10. Has anyone seen one of these and where can it be decoded? It was discovered in the rear seat as we took off the fabric. Its been cleaned up as shown below thanks, dan
  11. Thank you. I just did not want to overfill at the first attempt.
  12. The C4 was rebuilt back in 2018 and the proper fluid level had been added. In order to do some additional maintenance, we then removed the tail shaft and the transmission pan about 1 year later. We were not able to capture all of the leaking transmission fluid to measure, so we do not have any idea as to how many quarts were lost. The repair manual indicates 9 quarts are required for a c4 and we know the transmission still has an amount in the bell housing area. My question is how many quarts are needed to top-off the system after only removing the tail shaft and pan? Thanks, Dan
  13. I used a heat gun on the hard parts and scraped it off. in other areas, i used a wire wheel on a drill. No. Be sure to smell whatsoever, just a mess. Be sure to wear eye protection if using the wire wheel.
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