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  1. I am replacing all of the clear stock 194 bulbs in the instrument cluster  and down the center console (except for the red warning lamps) with United Pacific 38273 'blue' LED's.

    My question is whether or not I still need the stock blue diffuser already in the clusters or it is best to remove the blue domes?  I would like to have uniformity in the blue hue throughout.



  2. 289x129https://i.ibb.co/5M8ZTTL/DSCN2957.jpg[/img]




    Hi Team

    Could someone kindly post a photo of how their bracket for the sunvisors fit and also how the weatherstip goes on the windscreen of a convertible please. 

    I have the bare windscreen frame with the new windscreen in. I can see how the stainless sections go on in the front but not sure how the two side panels, centre section and sunvisors with weatherstripping all go together. 



  3. As offered in an earlier thread, below is my oil report which I just received from Blackstone Lab's.  Thought the car is a 73 and they list it as being 74, the report also indicates I have high levels of Iron, copper and lead.  This car was a new purchase last year and she came out of Virginia, so we were not sure what to expect and/or if a rebuild is required.  If anyone wishes to comment on the values, I'm all ears.

    Blackstone was very easy to work with if anyone is interested.





  4. Just sent my sample of oil out to Blackstone. Kind of like a blood test....

    they sent me a kit to collect the sample (less the pump for $35 which can be used later)

    Very easy to do by extracting the sample through the oil dipstick tube.

    when I get the results back via email, I'll post them.


    Now off to do a compression test (stress test).

    Feels like something I do every year...:-/




  5. the best place to drill the 1/8 in hole is between the "Y". and have it at 12 like mentioned. also if u install with the "Y opening at the top and get a new stat housing with a access hole on top u can put in a temp gage there and not hit anything. so no removal and placement of stat housing once done.


    The idea behind the hole is to allow any air to bleed out of the intake before the t-stat opens. This prevents the initial huge "burp" as the trapped air comes blasting out the top radiator hose.


    There is no downside to drilling the hole. Just get a good quality t-stat and do the deed. When you install it, put the hole at the 12 o'clock position.

  7. here is the measurement I Have for a sport mirror mounted to my 73.  it appears to be about 8 5/8 on a level plain from the leading edge of the door.  Hope this helps.









    BallaratcastleHi team. 

    My car came with two new sports mirrors to replace an old chrome one that was on the drivers side only. It has two small holes close together with a square cut out between them. As the sports mirror has holes further apart I'm not sure where to place the mirror.  Do I use the rear hole and punch drill the front one further forward or use the front hole drilling one further back .can someone please take a measurement from the front edge of their door to the first screw hole or better still if someone has the correct measurements please. I couldn't find anything online googling it. I also have no idea how to mount the small brass inserts. Cheers Steve

  8. I have been told by many to drill a 1/8" hole at the upper edge of the thermostat before placing it in the housing to alleviate the initial pressure.  However, the new one I purchased does not have a hole and I cannot find a thermostat for a 73' 302 anywhere with a pre-drilled hole.  There are also no mention of drilling a hole in any of the old repair manuals for the car 


    Is this recommended?  If the hole is drilled, what are the consequences?


    Thanks,     :thankyouyellow:




  9. Not sure if this is too late, but sent my center clock out to a company in Illinois for repair.

    The cost was about $115 and it came back in perfect factory condition.

    you can also ask for the clock to be changed to quartz.

    Took about 3 weeks. They even buffed out the scratches on the lens.


    Their web link is below.





  10. I am interested in purchasing one if not two 'white' interior delux grab handles for a 71-73 Mustang.

    I have searched everywhere and I cannot find them.  All other colors are available.

    if any one knows of someone who may have these handles in good shape, I would be more than happy to discuss a cost.


    the picture below is black, but again i'm looking for 'white'.

    :thankyouyellow: Thank you again,




  11. I have a 302 2v which was upgraded to a 4v by prior owner.  We just noticed there is no kickdown rod/cable attached.  I recently purchased a Holley 4v to replace the Carter the prior owner attached.  we have all of the required Lokar cables.  My question is whether or not the outer link to the kickdown





    was removed or was an inner component taken out where I need to go into the trans?  Not my forte, but concerned.

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