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  1. Thanks Chuck, I've been researching the differences in the 70-71 2V,351C (D) blocks, 250,240 HP and the 72-74 177HP square blocks. This would explain the large drop in compression of these blocks. perhaps the 70 had only one valve relief,71,two reliefs. 72-74 dished. If my fathers brain wasn't riddled with heavy metals I could ask him, he made pistons and rings at Sealed Power for 30 years. This would also explain why i was able to get these 302C heads w/4V valves to run in my mustang, although it was a pain to start and there was hardly any bottom end from the scavenging. I cant wait too take these heads back to the supposed Pro's and say what the ? happened here, people see a closed chamber and automatically think 4v, I hope they can fix it or they bought it!
  2. Does anybody know the piston volume increase for the 351C Sealed Power/425P piston? it's a very shallow dish, the Silvolite 1159 is the equivalent piston. Thanks in advance,Scott
  3. I appreciate it guys,I still haven't told the boss of my discovery. I'm afraid to tell her i'm looking at another set of heads, or it might be me with a aussie head up my ass, that is once she pulls my head out of the way first. I'm just getting my interior back together after putting in a 500 watt amp and rewired the car with quality speaker wire. in a couple day i'll remove the heads and start working up the 2v's,they need paint as well. when i get those aussie's off i'll post pic's.
  4. Yeah I here ya Mark, I'll transfer over the roller rockers,keep in the 270H cam w/519/519 lift &270/270 duration. i'll clean and polish up the heads, drop down to a 0.39 gasket,should be around 8.8:1 compression. I have a 72 and a 74 2V head. I wish i had a set of 70 or 71 heads for some reason these heads were putting out 9.5:1 250hp-9.2:1 240hp respectively. I've been studying the subject of these heads and there is evidence of a different cam for these years regardless that most research says that all 2v of the 335 class shared the same cam, I've also run across some evidence that the exhaust porting of these heads was different as well. if I can substantiate this it may be worth picking up a set of cheap 1970-71 heads. something was definately different to drop from those HP stats too 177hp for 72,73,74.
  5. one side sounds great,the other like a washing machine on agitate with exhaust. ive got some pictures in my garage,the head that works has these divits in the exhaust ports,maybe to rough up and slow down the pulse? i'll check em out further when i pull and measure them. maybe i can have the speed shop discount me and put in some 4v windsor valves.
  6. "In essence, we'll be building the equivalent of a 9.2-1 compression ratio Boss 351C with a power output of apprximately 400hp. Virtually any 351C block can be used, since there are no differences in materials or strength. In fact the 2 bolt main cap block (part#-D0AZ-6010-C) is just as good as the 4 bolt main block (part#D1ZZ-6010-D) Even the caps seem to be of equivalent strength. So unless you already have a 4 bolt block, dont spend the extra bucks for this feature". Jack Roush, Hot Rod Magazine,Profecting the 351C...for the street. 1976
  7. Going thru a parts drawer the other day i came across a set of hardened exhaust seats for a 2v cleveland, i had to think a minute of where i got them. thats right they came back with my 302c heads from the shop! I had sent them down along with some seals and springs etc. to be installed on the heads. A few days after i dropped off the heads a tech called me up and said those seats wont fit, I just said well do what you got to do to get a set that does. Ive had nothing but trouble with these heads, a detination,on again off again performance. I've rejetted,advance cam,different dizzy's,fuels,etc,chasing a problem that wouldnt be fixed. because,,,wait for it,,,, I've got 4v valves in 2v,58cc closed chamber heads! when i saw that bag of seats my high anxiety moment started, i quickly walked over to my receipt file and found the parts list for the head build and there it was ,manley 2.19-1.71! Now i'm not saying it cant be done cause it is done but you need to port like a man with a cnc driven hand,raise the floor,unshroud and hope like hell you dont strike water. In hind sight, i should have driven to the west coast and stuck these heads right up that buggers arse. when the tech called i wish i would have been aware, and asked him to go with a 3v valve set up. I'm not even going to fritter with these heads for now,i'm taking them off and reinstalling my U.S. 2v's.
  8. Mustangs Unlimited has them. $239.00, there is a set of originals on E-bay,bid starting at $239.00
  9. Rad replace w/ 90degree waterneck,bottom hose anti-crush spring,new thermostat if needed, petcock with anode.
  10. Found one paragraph that makes the book worth every cent. When my mechanic installed the rebuilt long block purchased from Don of OMS he said the valve lift was measured accurately at 0.58. There is not one cam made for Ford listed in Summit Racing's catalog that even comes close to that. So what gives? I was beginning to believe the mechanic must have measured wrong. On page 41 of the book there is mention of a racing cam made by Ford specifically for use in the Cleveland with 0.580 valve lift. Mike, your so right! this book is like a good mystery novel, it answers so many questions,and yet it still has a few surprises left. so far i've only found one inconsistent statement, pg.39 par.2 here the author states that all 2-V Clevelands shard the same cams with event ranges differing. that got me to thinkin,(dangerous habit of mine) so i did some research and found many inconsistent conclusions in this chapter,or my reference material is wrong. I'm working on a study right now and i will post it soon.
  11. (I feel like such a hypocrite right now, I used gutter sealer on a cowl vent block off plate I made yesterday) I picked up some 3M yesterday,when people ask who does my interior work, I reply, Home Depot!
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