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  1. WOW, sorry if I bruised some egos. I did my homework and read on other forums about the parts I was looking at. I read all the comments and did look at the different options that you and others presented. Yes after talking to Summit tech several times I went with what I feel is a good combination for my car. I have to assume they know what they are doing. This could be a great combo and performs as I hope or it could be total crap. Time will tell. I hope to have the engine built and back in the car by the end of the month. Once in and have a chance, I hope to get on a dyno. I will share the da
  2. Ok, well I ordered these parts, I should be in the 300 to 350hp range. COMP Cams Magnum Hydraulic Roller Cam CL35-420-8 Duration 270/270, Lift .533/.533 Lobe 110, 1,800-5,000 PROMAXX Performance Maxx Series Cylinder Heads 9175 180cc Intake Runner, 60cc Chamber COMP Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms 1631-16 Hedman Street Headers 88400 along with the intake and carb I already have. Intake Edelbrock Performer 2020 Carb Edelbrock 1406 I will keep you informed on how it turns out. I will dyno test as soon as I get the chance. Thank you all for your replies.
  3. Thank you for the info. This setup was recommended by Summit for a nice street and freeway driving that will work with flat top pistons. The build is on 2k budget, this is what they came up with. It should have good midrange to high rpm HP. I am thinking it might be a little sluggish off the line but should have good pickup from there am I thinking wrong? With the C4 and 3.00 gears should help with the low end but can bump up to 3.5 or 3.7 gears if I need to. If I go any higher it will not work well for freeways. I know need a AOD but found out after I had the C4 rebuilt with stage 2 shift kit
  4. Thanks for the info. Will be doing the clay test for clearance. and checking the push rods for proper length. Thankfully I have a good friend that is an engine builder but he does Chevy engines. Try not to hold that against him LOL.
  5. The AOD and torque is in future. Will look into AFR thanks So what HP were you at?
  6. Do to unexpected problems on my 1986 302 ho I have to rebuild the motor. So now seem to be a good time to do some needed up grades. Here are the spec’s. 1986 302 HO Engine with C4 trans 8” 3.00 rear gear. Pistons 273AP .030 01511-14-C Intake Edelbrock Performer 2020 Carb Edelbrock 1406 Heads E6SE / stock cam It will be in a 73 convertible. Mostly street, I will be driving freeways on occasion for car shows. I am looking at 300 to 350HP. This setup is on a budget so keep that in mind. I am looking for advice on weather this is a good fit for what
  7. Nice and have to agree the black and white is a great pic. That would look good printed on canvas. You can edit out the light posts and road. it would make sweet picture.
  8. I like it, looks cleaner and give an upscale look :bravo:
  9. I will keep that one in mind as I have one. I used it on the seat and the new convertible top as it helps to take out the wrinkles out and relaxes the fabric for stretching.
  10. 73 mustang convertible basic 302 F code Blue with back top. rool a die
  11. Hello members New member here. So lets get to what everyone wants to know. I just traded a 71 mustang basic 302 for a 73 mustang convertible basic 302 F code. The body work and paint job is not perfect but will work for car shows and cruses. I just put new upholstery and a new top (that was fun). put new full pump, rebuilt carburetor and tune up. Glad to be part of the forum.
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