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  1. mike demeis in ontario is looking for a set of 73 fenders is there anyone that can help him out
  2. thanks i,ll try that it make sense
  3. my car is running good when i turn my headlight on my temp gauge go hard to high when i turn them off it go back to normal any idea car work fine last year thanks roach
  4. my top don,t seen to go down the hold way is there adjustment to correct this problem
  5. i,m in nova scotia would you ship it
  6. i was one cj pony the only one that look right was for a 69 70 I suggest you download NPD's website. The 2019 catalog lists part # 7277-2A for 69-70 (3 spd) and for 71-73, but of course we know it should be 72-73. Page # 197 in the catalog. Geoff. ok thanks
  7. NPD amongst other vendors. The 72 has the round hole. Only 71 has the rectangular hole. Geoff. i was one cj pony the only one that look right was for a 69 70
  8. does anyone know were to get a 4 speed shifter boot for a 72
  9. i sent for a full marti report i havn't receive it all it does have one inch moulding 1/4 way up the door the full length of the car should have the full report soon i order it in feb
  10. Roach, I have a question for you. Does your car or did your car original have any of the following.... Rocker panel molding? Wheel lip molding? Lower Rocker panel blackout? Body side tape stripe? Do you have the Marti report, build sheet or original invoice for your car, which would identify some of the above options. There is a big question mark over what "QM" really means on our cars, so I would appreciate any additional info as it would help with my research. Thanks
  11. VIN = 1972 F=Dearborn plant Q= 351C 4v 76D = Convertible 03D = Buck date 06?? = rotation number 6C = Color - Medium Goldenrod (Only 89 verts build with CF interior) AC = A/C CF = Ginger interior AM = AM/FM (yes not just AM) ??? = cant read this number below the AM. Looks like it might be BO = Black out (rockers) PW = Power windows QH = Quarter molding CHR = Chrome left side mirror DE = Duel Exhuast Nice car a Q code vert with a fairly rare color and PW (only 621 verts had it) and A/C options
  12. can someone help decipher this tag for me found on driver side rad support
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