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  1. Hi That’s a useful find , but no such luck for me my car has had an eventful life and carpets have been replaced a least once . From what I have learnt up to now is . My car was ordered by dealer 13C090 in January 1972 and built at Dearborn and released by February , it was eventually sold in June by dealer 13A036 Wilford auto sales of New York . Then in September 1973 it turns up here in England where it’s had quite a few owners until in about 1983 it was involved in an accident resulting a replaced right hand rear quarter panel and the colour was then changed from original bright blue to red and also interior was changed to red velour. I came across it in a very sorry rusty state in the Summer of 1990 . I was twenty years old at the time and having been a Mustang enthusiast since birth I just had to take the project on. I was no stranger to classic car renovation and five years later I’d completed it and sticking to red with red interior I had a great time with it until settling down and buying a house and then kids came along I no longer had time or the money priorities were new kitten s and bathrooms instead of building a garage for the Mustang and then the British weather took its toll and once again it was a rusting wreck. Now having a nice roomy garage it’s time to tackle the brave restoration once again. Even though it has history it’s still got the original engine trans and axle all checking out as Marti report shows. I will try and upload photos soon
  2. Thanks for all your reply’s surprised at how many European owners are out there and to answer Steve I’m in Sheffield South Yorkshire northern England As I have different order dealer code to that of the dealer that actually sold the vehicle would that mean my car was probably moved from one dealer to another??
  3. Thanks That’s a lot of fantastic info to bear in mind . I’ll get in touch with Marti and see if he can help Thanks again
  4. Hi All I have a 1972 Mustang Mach 1 Q code fastback over here in the UK and I’m currently renovating it to factory spec . Looking at the Marti report I have an order dealer code of 13C090 and wondered if anybody knows the name of the dealer
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